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Seems like a pretty bad time to be relaunching a clothing brand, especially at the high end.
It's only stealing if the designers (or their estates) happen to own WIPO design patents for those products, which is unlikely. Even in that instance, those rarely hold up in Chinese court. The designer would have to have designs registered in China as well to really enforce any sort of intellectual property rights. Because they call it a replica, this is pretty much legal. There are no trademarks involved.
I wish I was struggling with a decision like this.
You have the body to be a great cyclist. Long legs--lightweight upper body. You should give it a shot. You'll put on really lean muscle but stay very slim overall. Might look a bit healthier too:
what are you selling? is it anything in which cocaine could be discreetly placed?
their shanghai shop is cheapest, but workmanship is not quite as good as HK
lapels seem a little wide. first thing i noticed
Quote: Originally Posted by ccffm1 IMHO they want people of all classes to think that Versace still creates products that are worth aspiring to, which they are not, objectively. +1
During a job interview for the position I currently have, the owner of the company said something to the effect of: "Last guy who interviewed for this position showed up wearing some make-up around his eyes? Is that going to be a problem with you?" I was pretty much floored by so many things about that statement.
It is a big market for Rolex and LV. Lots of people choose to buy those products despite all the knock-offs. Not for me, though.
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