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Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Thanks for the PSA, none in my size but I was curious whether they had cucinelli or kiton on clearance Nah, nothing like that on big sale. 4 days ago, they had a fair amount of clothing clearance, but mostly lower end (for them): Z Zegna, Canali, Nardelli soft/unconstructed, a few Armani suits.
No sweat. It is a terrific shop, and Dick rocks. Stylish as all hell, to boot. For anyone else wondering about sizing, I didn't try these on as they are not my size. But my Santoni Brenden lace-ups run 1/4 size large, which is in line with general consensus. I'd get the same size in these again if given the chance. Tough to tell you whether to size down 1/2 or stay put. Happy hunting.
Pinking is the serrated, decorative edging found on the vamp, toecap or quarter of the shoe.
3 pair of brown Santoni Knox oxford, sized 9D, 9.5D, and 10D for $200 plus tax/shipping at Taylor, Richards, and Conger in Charlotte, NC. MSRP is $650. Just a g-d beautiful shoe, but to my immense regret, not my size. Three people will be very, very happy. Perforated captoe with pinking, deep reddish brown color. Gorgeous sleek last. Stunning in person. Pics: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3000608/...bo=6015659&P=1 Store: http://trcstyle.com/ (704) 366-9092 If you...
Check out this shop: http://stores.shop.ebay.com/ELITE-FORUM. It is a UK seller - in fact, I recommend looking through UK eBay.
Gotcher back, homes. Sold under a different name here; should be same boot. http://www.thenaturalshoestore.com/i...opr_oprid=1731
I've got one - poplin french cuff. Construction is decent, the fabric is ok - pretty stiff but for the same reason, not see through at all, which matters to me. Big pluses are the fantastic shape of the collar and the fit. Nice and slim, almost perfect for me. Shoulder seam is spot on for neck size, sleeves are slim, chest and waist trim.
Sam's Shoe Fixery in Matthews is the droid you're looking for. No personal experience, but plenty of firsthand recommendations. Well-reviewed. Check it: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&sa...38672455152651
Quote: Originally Posted by Steven Aver I was there yesterday, and there are still at least 50 pairs of the conniston boot left. They are only $199. Great. Now I just need to get a voice on the g-d horn. Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I bought one in a 10 for a friend. You are welcome to it if it does not fit him. The 10 fits like a standard 10.5. You, sir, are a gentleman. I'm actually an 11d though,...
Unfortunately not - I PMed him and he seems to be out of stock. Still taking suggestions. Must. Kop. Or die. Peace.
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