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There are a number of shades of khaki, from almost white to a dark British tan that all work. Other than that, I only like red. Lots of people wear olive green too.
I ordered 2 cashmere sweaters, a pair of gray flannels and a belt strap during a 25% F&F sale at the end of September. One sweater and the belt shipped within a week. The pants were canceled on me as sold out and unavailable. The second sweater, a black turtleneck is currently showing a mid-December ship date. I can't believe a 3 month wait for a staple item. My store hasn't gotten any cashmere turtles in at all this year. Inventory is definitely way down.
Black chinos are virtually unwearable. Don't waste your money.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier I know of Arthur Kade only via Google. I am too small-timer for Le Bec-Fin. Also, allergic to half of the menu there. Being allergic is big-time small-time.
Quote: Originally Posted by ZON_JR If Vox isn't in the picture, no one is going to be interested. Especially Vox. I'm surprised this thread hasn't become about him - yet.
This Shipton looks like what you want.
I just had some very good luck in shrinking two sweaters. The first was a 50/50 silk cashmere that was bought a size big and then stretched further. The second was a cashmere that was cut a lttle big and stretched out. I spritzed them with clear water and ran them through the dryer in 5-10 minute increments, varying the heat and time based on progress. They went from items I would not wear to items I'm looking forward to wearing again. If you're careful, this could be...
Quote: Originally Posted by jon5986 I had the same problem over 4 wears....... But they were only $400...... I wonder how many retailers wish all their customers had this perspective?
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Is it a point per dollar spent for the BB card? No, its 4 points per dollar spent and then they get awarded as $20 gift cards for every 2,000 points. So if you spend $500 you'll get 2,000 points and then a $20 card. $20/$500 = 4%. Not bad. They seem to wait one entire billing cycle after the purchaes are paid for before issuing the cards. I guess they want some confidence that the purchases won't be...
Red chinos go very well with #8 cordovan - tassels especially.
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