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Please post the (BOC) length of the jacket. Thanks.
The nubuck shoes are growing on me. I think they will work well wtih stone and taupe chinos and dark denims. I might buy a pair tomorrow unless they pull them out from the sale.
Some of BBBF fall stuffs including the navy flannel blazer are now on deeper sale at 60% off. I don't know how low they will go before spring.
Thanks. Always nice to get assurance from fellow SFers.
Are these considered traditional captoe bals? I felt somgthing was a little different when I ordered them. Now when I look at them again, I can see they are missing the thread lines around the lacing area. I am just wondering if I can still use them as my go-to captoe bals for various occasions. Please see the classic captoes below as a comparison:
That's too bad though I am sure they will be put on sale again sooner than later. I hope mine fit as I ordered my usual size not knowing their last. Edit: Sorry for double posting. I thought my prior posting got lost but then it appeared only after I posted this.
That's too bad though I'm sure they will be on sale again sooner or later. For those who jumped on this deal (including myself), I hope everything works out.
Weird because I don't think much profit could be made by flipping after buying at this price. I mean they're AE shoes after all... Mine got shipped today by the way.
Ralph Lauren Saunders Suede Ankle Boot (made in USA) at $249 down from $525. Use a 10% off code like BZR29368 to get an even lower price of ~$225. Maybe you can get a better price at a retail store but I did not want to take a risk of losing my size when both shipping and return are free for me. Still many sizes are available:
Is the jacket still available? How is its condition?
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