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From the "News" section on EG website: Factory Shop Please call and make an appointment to visit us at our Factory Shop Cliftonville Road, Northampton, NN1 5BU. +44 1604 626880
Yes, 8.5E in all 3 lasts with great results. That consistency, plus the quality of construction, is why EG is my favourite shoemaker.
I have a Dover on the 606 last and a Peyton (Edward Green for Ralph Lauren) on the 888. While the 888 seems slightly more snug than the 606, both fit well. For what it's worth, I also have a number of EGs on the 82 last and they fit well too. So, for me at least, the 3 lasts each feel a bit different but are equally comfortable. I hope this helps.
You are correct, the exterior is the shell and the interior is the lining so these gloves have a suede exterior and are shearling lined. A glove with a either suede or smooth leather shell should not be gotten soaking wet so don't wear them if they will be exposed to rain for more than a brief period. Or put your hands in your pockets if it starts raining. Snow is usually OK since it doesn't soak into leather or suede as easily as rain. To me, these RL gloves look more...
Pre-owned Allen Edmonds Bradley in burgundy shell cordovan, size 9 1/2, D width, style number 2681 in very good condition. I bought these new at the AE store in Boston. Beautiful shoes but the last doesn't work for me so now they are just taking up room in the back of the closet. Includes AE dust bags and original box. Current retail is $595 $650, I'm looking for $229 $209 plus shipping. PayPal preferred. I am located in Ottawa, Canada. Thanks, Dan.
Hi Django:That watch is a fake, not even close to any real Lange.
Regarding Canadian customs and duties...Bespoke England sent my shoes via Royal Mail. As is usual with a national postal service (including the United States Postal Service) rather than a commercial shipper (such as Fedex, UPS or DHL), my package was delivered through Canada Post with no additional duty, taxes or other charges.
I use black, it looks great on vintage rioja!
Edward Green. I had the channel separation occur on a pair of Lobb Woodcotes too so I decided to try EG (despite posting here a couple of years ago about the lousy service at their Jermyn St. shop). I've had no issues with 4 pairs of EGs purchased over the last year and a half.
stitches, both pairs of G&G I own have the same problem. They've never been worn in wet weather so that's not the cause. I assume it's inherent in the materials or construction or something. I have to say it's reduced my enthusiasm for the brand and my recent purchases have been from the "other" big name men's shoemaker.
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