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ive been away on work for a few months but now im back and still looking to sell the jacket. Price is $140
everyone here saying the word decorating is gay are a bunch of fuckin retards. Grow the fuck up.
What are some good $80-150 watches out there? I own a Seiko Samurai but Im interested in a less sporty watch (something very minimalistic and plain yet good looking) in the same price range
Price reduction to $140 USD
sleeve length is, from shoulder to cuff, 75cm (or 29.5in)
lame shoes i know but i don't have anything else black for my feet at all, ugh h&m mcgregor seiko lvc adidas
Quote: Originally Posted by agavilanes The zipper is off center or it's just me? No its centre, its just that there's a little piece of leather on the inside of the zipper (Sorry I don't know the technical term). Thanks for all the complements. I agree it looks good but to me its just not the look Im going for (It doesn't fit with my style really). I hope it looks good enough that you'd like to buy it though! :P
Quote: Originally Posted by imhotep Your thread just confirmed the oddness of my recent BS purchase. I bought another one of their rick owens styles in a medium, and it was huge. i figured their measurements were off so bought the medium anyways, but the measurements are spot on. i usually wear a medium in almost all designer stuff, but am smaller than you are, so I think i may even need an XS. weirdness. Yeah their labelling is totally...
Quote: Originally Posted by imhotep and you would say this size S is the right size for you (in this jacket)? Yup, I would agree that its sized right as odd as it may sounds (it was probably the first sized Small anything in clothes I've ever purchased). I usually wear a Medium on most shirts
my measurements are: chest: 41in arm width at elbow: 11in all around arm width at bicep: 13in all around arm length: 26in shoulder to shoulder: 18in also, yeah I did take the measurements myself and the BS measurements are accurate
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