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1. It's light and drapes the body perfectly - you forget you're wearing it. 2. It stands everyday use and doesn't pill, making it good value even if it's not the cheapest. 3. It's beautiful in its minimalism - It's neckline sublimely relaxed, its cuts complimenting your body, not hugging it. 4. It costs less than $50 I've yet to find this optimal combination of durability, value, aesthetics and comfort. To go more in detail I'm 6'4" and 190lb, athletic built. It could be...
For everyday I only wear dark gray henley shirts that feel lightweight on the body (I live in California), but so far I've yet to find one that lasts more than a few months without falling apart, even though I only cold wash and never tumble dry my clothes. I've tested a few recently, all of the below have either pima or combed/ring spun cotton, but they fall short; From left to right Alternative Men's Moroccan T-Shirt: Too flimsy, reviewers says it falls apart after...
Allen Edmonds would be a good choice, but open to other alternatives.
Sorry, the photo is misleading, I want a white collar, with a navy blue inner placket, seems like that is what you suggested: Looks good to me, I'm indeed going for a casual look with indigo selvedge jeans and a dark blue pinstripe suit. Now question is, where do I find it in the US?
I'm looking for this effect, only a navy blue stripe on an otherwise white shirt, not horrible like in the photo above. Anyone know what it's called and who sells them?
Junghans Mega Solar. Original strap Never needs new batteries, automatically radio controlled time zones, beat that!
Well, I'm sure this is not to everyones taste, but I'd easily rank it as the coolest suit I ever laid my eyes upon.
Now, something as neat as this one might not exist (I've seen suits with different colored arms etc, but nothing quite like this). So, alternatively, where can you get such a suit tailored, and might it be a option to buy two exactly similar albeit differently colored suits, split them in half and sew them together? And yes, I'm on a budget, so the cheaper the better, it has to look good but doesn't need to be made from the "best" fabric.
Anyone know where to get this? It's a Polo Chaps Rugby sweater. I'd be interested in proxying it from anywhere, have got 100+ pos ebay feedback and a verified paypal address in Norway Cheers
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