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I sound like a baby walrus with glue ear on tape. I'm so much more mumbly than I think I sound although I probably sound pretty normal.
I'm a newb but did lurk on and off for many, many months. I hope my posts have been to everyone's liking so far.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Something along the lines of this? Anyone who likes the Love, Peace and Poetry compilations could wear a potato sack and still be cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda That's hilarious! Did the toddler wander into the bedroom where the two were still under the covers, or did the toddler wander into the kitchen where mommy and new daddy were having breakfast? I'm pretty sure he meant he was still dozing under the covers having not yet sneaked out of the house/hovel.
When I was at Uni I remember some boorish and louche individual describing his one-night stands. One was with a young single mum but he didn't know this until the next morning when a toddler wandered in and asked, 'Are you my new daddy?' His tale 'oooked me out' for sure.
Don't simply look at particular models. Look at overal systems - the lens line-up, how the flash system works. If you want a small camera with good controls and some nice lenses but aren't going to take photography too far I quite like the Olympus range. If you just want the widest range of options then it's Canon or Nikon. Canon has the best out-and-out image quality (by a fraction) while Nikon gives you a more professional AF-system in it's mid-range cameras while...
It's hard to tell but it looks a bit big in the shoulders as there's a sag on the left hand side. Aquascutum tends to size generously. I was a lovely one in the Swindon Outlet recently but couldn't convince myself that a 36" in the style I liked was brilliant in the shoulder, although a blazer there was cut quite trim and did look good in the shoulder. Like you, I'm just too skinny. If it's a trim 36" it'll be okay, a roomy 36" and it won't.
Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle The real question is how do you end up finding these websites? Do you secretly purchase fetishwear from these people? I suppose he googled 'upscale menswear', which, if you think about it, is a rather naff Google query.
They look like those worn-by-car-mechanic fake distressed jeans that were around for a couple of years in the mid nineties. Not a fan. If you have a pair of decent jeans but want them restored to something more fitting with your current denim darkness preferences, then just get some of this:
Yes, gilets are dumb-looking. Ankle boots are wonderful in my opinion, although maybe because I lived in Chuck Taylor's and Doctor Martens since the age of 13 I just got a huge boot habit. Speaking of habits, I'm not a big fan of the monk strap shoe. I'm not sure why - perhaps I've seen too many Aldo-style townie variations in my time. No, I'm not tempted to buy monkstrap shoes, even the nice ones.
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