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More rear fit pics, please. This isn't my usual type of cut but the price is right.
Also is that gingham or what is that?
Can you post measurement public please?
As Good as It Gets, 1997, Jack Nicholson thanks
Those look fine, why do you want to size up in the waist because the calves and thighs are too tight?
Those Vass shoes are beautiful Pliny! Can you give more info on the ones without brogueing actually?
crystal castles iii
This too, short sleeve, but I like the pattern more and the dots are hand knotted. http://www.jfandson.com/products/gray-french-knot-oxford-shirt. I don't remember how uniqlo's shirts fit but the sweaters fit nice, slim.
I was just thinking about ordering too. *sigh*
now they sold out of my size. i'm never advertising what i'm shopping for again.
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