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Fashion sucks
If someone has one, pm me
Actually sorry, it's probably not even available looking at the date.
Does anyone have a technical Fishtail Parka/ shell in Black or Navy like the nike M51 in size small that can actually protect me from serious wind/rain they want to part with? Pm me what you have. I saw the Stussy Rainy Dayz collabo come up on here but it was in the wrong size. Anything like that or the Minotaur 3 layer, I would be interested in. Thanks
Anyone have these in size 9? Or, know someone who makes something similar? Price is negotiable.
Yeah, well I must have read at least a thousand times to size down two, including from APC themselves, and it's supposedly a "straight cut"...couldn't get used to it. Tried Momotaros, love them.
Goes to warehouse, you can still buy it if you can get ahold of them
I'm looking for recommendations on straight tapered denim that is heavy enough to hide the outline of my genitalia, also would like for them to not be dividing my ball sack so exaggeratedly from left to right side. I have athletic legs, I sized down 2 on APC NS and feel weird wearing them. I do not want any APC/3SIXTEEN recommendations.
I like that MJ backpack a lot actually.
Of course it's a double monkI meant, can anyone i.d. this specific model and where it came from. It looked like it could be Raf Simons but it's not the best photo.I'm impressed you figured out the location though.
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