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Opinions on the Calvin Klein wool-blend peacoats available for sale today at RueLaLa? I don't expect much at the price point ($99, supposedly $295 retail) but I'm curious to see if anyone is familiar with it.
I have to agree, the 2nd fits slimmer. BTW, how visible is the "distressing" on the urbans?
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Hey what's the eta on these things? Mauro said: Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro Chad's packers and shippers mistakenly shipped out the wrong boxes and my are still in LA we will have yours jeans sent out Monday and Tuesday.
Much obliged Ben, I'll call tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger Hey guys, just as an update, we do have ONE style of WWM shirt left - The Upland in Blue Plaid, Size M and L! $215 We also have the Engineered Garments 19th century BD in 2 colors in a few sizes. White - S, XL $240 Navy, Red check - Xl $230 Do you happen to have P2P and taper measurements for the L WWM and the XL EGs?
Much obliged for the responses. Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle urban slim fit is the slimmest I was looking for white, how close is bisque of the urban? Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite i ordered one of each, the urban slim fit and the "slim fit chino" from the liquor store. just trying to to see how they fit. i like the side tabs on the latter and they look cheaper and slimmer than the urban slim...
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Makes me wonder if the J. Crew slim means "slim with muscles" not "slim for those with no ass and with chicken legs." What is the slimmest chino they have, preferably among the ones on sale? I was about to order the "Slim-fit lightweight chino" but this statement got me worried. I have average ass, but my thighs are fairly small (23", ordering size 36).
Quote: Originally Posted by bye4now122 I find them to be a bit larger, but certainly not a full size too big. A JCrew medium secret wash button down is fitted on me, maybe a hair small after being washed and shrunk a few times. A large secret wash button down is pretty big on me, and I usually use those as loose fitting shirts for the hot summers. The medium Linen Camp shirt is literally the perfect fit, for me at least. Slightly larger than a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro epsilon- what size are you?? true measurement slightly over 9, all my shoes are 9-9.5, wide when available. I may be able to get in a 8.5 but I see you only have black left in that size. Much prefer the brown.
These boots come in wide?! Please tell me it ain't so because I'll feel like crap for missing this bit and not having ordered...
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