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Thanks for the reply Drteatime. Exactly what I was thinking. I showed it to the owner of a local shoe store, and he commented that it is almost impossible for such an obvious flaw to slip through quality control as firsts!
Sorry to bump..Anyone? Please Help...
Hi Guys, I bought this Grenson Masterpiece Loafers from ebay and it seems to me that they are seconds or even "thirds" if there is such a thing!! The seller is adamant that they are first quality and that he purchased them for £295. How ever the details on the upper looks appalling to my eyes. Could you guys offer some insight in the issue? I'm attaching a photo of the said shoe along with my church suede loafer(first quality). The grenson is the black one. Thanks in...
Hi, I have for sale is a Gucci Belt Size 90 green/red/ signature web. I am size 32 and this fits perfectly, as gucci belts fit slightly smaller. It has been bought in the UK and has been worn a few times. But no visible scratches or anything like that. I am looking for $199 shipped in North America/EU and will be shipped from the UK including delivery confirmation. Have the packaging plus receipts when purchased and can be included. Payment should be made by...
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waist = 36' inseam =32' rise =12' This is designed to sit low on wearers waist according to RL website.
Hi, I got this Jeans as a gift, but unfortunately, they are not my size.They are 34x32.But my size is 32x32.So it has to go.This has been bought on retail for £110 with the tags still attached.It is vintage 67 jeans from polo ralph lauren.Similar jeans sell for $145 at the ralph lauren website.Here is the link. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/i...632365.2632367 I am looking for $60 shipped in europe and $65 shipped in US and Canada.I am also willing to...
I've never seen such a collar on RLPL before as well.
lol.ok.But apparently, its a sport shirt.so do you think its authentic?
whats pajamas?
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