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I've never owned AE. My Tricker width is '5'. Hope this helps.
I'm selling a very nice pair of Alden brown alpine LWB, Commando sole, 9 EEE on modified last. Here's the Ebay listing.
Longtime lurker in this entertaining and informative forum!Alden vs. Nelson commando:
TRICKERS "Kendal" model, Chocolate Brown bluchers, UK size 9.5. They run wide, equal to US 3E. Shoes are in excellent condition with brand new DAINITE soles (B. Nelson Shoes/NY). See photos.
I have three pairs of extra wide shoes that I'd like to sell. All three are in excellent condition. 1)TRICKERS "Kendal", Chocolate Brown Suede, UK size 9.5, 6 fitting, NEW dainite sole; $275.00 & shipping; CONUS       2)ALDEN #5912, Black Suede blucher, Modified Last, US size 9.5 EEE (3E), rubber sole; $175.00 & shipping; CONUS      3)ALDEN #539, Black Leather blucher, Modified Last, US Size 9 EEEEEE (6E), leather sole; $125.00 & shipping; CONUS    
Alden 9.5 EEE Black Suede on Modified Last (Model 5912), Rubber Soles. Excellent condition, purchased from Moulded Shoes in NY. $150.00 plus shipping to CONUS
Selling my gently used Tricker's in repello (dark brown) suede. Bought new at the Jermyn Street store in 2011 for £375. Leather soles recently replaced with Danite (B. Nelson in NY). These shoes are in excellent condition. Model: Kendal #7060G (4 eyelet derby) Size: UK 9.5 Last: 4497S Fitting: 5 Selling for $325.00 (includes shipping to CONUS)
Your description says it sizes to 42; that's too small for me.
Count me in on boots BUT I need 9 EEE or EEEE Todd Arnow
Can anyone recommend a Metro Boston cobbler? Looking to fit new soles on an old pair of PTBs while my wife wants her Trickers dyed a darker color. Thanks in advance!
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