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Longtime lurker in this entertaining and informative forum!Alden vs. Nelson commando:
TRICKERS "Kendal" model, Chocolate Brown bluchers, UK size 9.5. They run wide, equal to US 3E. Shoes are in excellent condition with brand new DAINITE soles (B. Nelson Shoes/NY). See photos.
I have three pairs of extra wide shoes that I'd like to sell. All three are in excellent condition. 1)TRICKERS "Kendal", Chocolate Brown Suede, UK size 9.5, 6 fitting, NEW dainite sole; $275.00 & shipping; CONUS       2)ALDEN #5912, Black Suede blucher, Modified Last, US size 9.5 EEE (3E), rubber sole; $175.00 & shipping; CONUS      3)ALDEN #539, Black Leather blucher, Modified Last, US Size 9 EEEEEE (6E), leather sole; $125.00 & shipping; CONUS    
Alden 9.5 EEE Black Suede on Modified Last (Model 5912), Rubber Soles. Excellent condition, purchased from Moulded Shoes in NY. $150.00 plus shipping to CONUS
Selling my gently used Tricker's in repello (dark brown) suede. Bought new at the Jermyn Street store in 2011 for £375. Leather soles recently replaced with Danite (B. Nelson in NY). These shoes are in excellent condition. Model: Kendal #7060G (4 eyelet derby) Size: UK 9.5 Last: 4497S Fitting: 5 Selling for $325.00 (includes shipping to CONUS)
Your description says it sizes to 42; that's too small for me.
Count me in on boots BUT I need 9 EEE or EEEE Todd Arnow
Can anyone recommend a Metro Boston cobbler? Looking to fit new soles on an old pair of PTBs while my wife wants her Trickers dyed a darker color. Thanks in advance!
install a leather interior and your Yugo will develop a patina all its own... all of us modified wearers yearn for shell but the Middleboro mothership isn't interested in servicing their niche customers.
Sorry to hear that Alden's business model continues to limit modified last style offerings. Nevertheless, we all seem to find a pair of shoes to wear every day...
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