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I may get crucified for saying this, but I like the striping. It makes the shoes interesting and it guarantees that no two pair are exactly. I have couple pair of AE's with the subtle striping and I actually get compliments on the uniqueness of them.
You should patent this design. I think you could earn some income with this.
Send those back. You will never be happy with them.
I'm probably stating the obvious for most of us here when I say........ "This thread is going to wreak havoc on my bank account!!!!!"
I'm gonna have to get a pair of these!!! They look fantastic!!!
Send those back!!
I will be visiting my MTM tailor in the upcoming weeks and was considering getting pants made to compliment my navy and camel colored blazers, respectively. Do you SF members think some sort of patterned pants would go well with these solid color blazers? I looked at some old apparel arts illustrations and got some ideas, but have not been able to find any other examples. Any suggestions?
They will be $345.00 through Allison. I sometimes wish I had gotten the Merlot and Bone combination. I think they would look outstanding with navy and gray. The Bourbon and bone looks sharp, too. These are some nice spectators.
Just received my second MTO. I wanted a dress casual boot and selected an older style called the Taunton. I like the simplicity and versatility of the plain toe. The bourbon color is especially attractive with every shade of brown I have ranging from the lighter tans all the way to the darker browns. Some forumites may not like the chelsea boot style, but they really appeal to me. Any comments on these?
+1000000000 !!!!!
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