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This is a great look. I have been searching for something just like this.
I picked up the Strand double strap briefcase and I love it more each time I use it. The quality of it is great; so much so that I considered getting the matching duffle bag. But I held out because I don't take too many road trips, and it is far too nice to check in at the airport. Nice items, both of them.
I have the Weybridge, as well, for the same reason as you. I wish I had gotten it in the chili instead of the brown. I agree that they are great dress shoes.We've got similar tastes in footwear.
I have the Fairfax in chestnut, merlot, and black. They look outstanding when worn with a suit. I get nothing but compliments whenever I wear them. I actually compared them to the Cornwallis and there are similarities. However, the Cornwallis has a sleeker toe shape. But the Fairfax has a softer leather.
I may get crucified for saying this, but I like the striping. It makes the shoes interesting and it guarantees that no two pair are exactly. I have couple pair of AE's with the subtle striping and I actually get compliments on the uniqueness of them.
You should patent this design. I think you could earn some income with this.
Send those back. You will never be happy with them.
I'm probably stating the obvious for most of us here when I say........ "This thread is going to wreak havoc on my bank account!!!!!"
I'm gonna have to get a pair of these!!! They look fantastic!!!
Send those back!!
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