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Which bags are better quality,Glaser or Hulme?
They run wider,but not longer. The width of the 5 last in AE is much narrower than the F last. If you don't mind the extra volume of the F last, I think you would be a 42.
May7 on a Monday would probably result in a poorer turn-out than May 12 on a Saturday. What factors are involved with the party being on a weekday as opposed to a weekend?
My wife and I would also like to attend. Thanks!
I wear a 7.5E in C&J 337, 8.5E in EG 888,and 42 in Vass U last. In St. Crispins I am an 8F in the chisel last and I also fit in an 8E in the round toe last. Both St. Crispins and Vass seem to be the most forgiving give or take a half size off. Next forgiving would be C&J and least forgiving for my feet are EG's.
Received scarf today. Thanks for the quick delivery!
Double vents require additional construction,but single vents looks better on me with few exceptions.
PM sent for 5.
I believe the cost difference may be due to the lower cost of production in Hungary[non EU] of Vass compared to the Austrian retail location of St. Crispins. Having multiple pairs of both makers,the Vass are the better value.
I use brown in very small amounts. Shell benefits most with brushing.
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