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SHIPPED. A bargain indeed.
I'm an 8.5c brannock (well really between a b and a c) and take an 8c in a 975.I have an 8 in the brandy boot and a 7.5 in the brown cxl, and I wear both. The brandy boot is more comfortable - it also feels considerably narrower, esp. in the heel... while the 7.5 is a bit tight in the toe-box but works well enough that I've decided against flipping it - it's taken about 20 wears to get there. A 7 would certainly murder my foot.
Fortuntely my Gamble's Hill indys (Barrie lasted w/ crepe sole) don't exhibit this behavior, but my retired 403s were terrible. And my other boot needs are currently handled by Viberg w/ a bellows tongue so...In any case, I had noted this review on reddit some time back that had a reasonable fix (yes it includes some sewing, but hard to see):http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/1rhvei/review_alden_403_indy_boots_4_years_of_wear/The other work I had done was...
I'm of opposite opinion - the 2030s quell stubbiness that can come with workboots. Elongated, yeah... but these aren't really that much, no more than a Barrie lasted boot. It's not nearly as elongated as a truly elongated dress shoe in the same size (ie. a C&J 348).That said, I'm 5'5" and have the 2030 captoe service boots in a size 7.5 (brown cxl) and size 8 (brandy).For my frame, the 7.5s look great. The 8s are pushing it, but unfortunately they're my actual size. If...
Very interested in #11 if it stays unstructured.
Been wearing the Brandys roughly every other day since I got them. They've been through maybe a half dozen applications of Venetian and get brushed before every wear, as well on some days I leave them out in the sun. Last night my gf remarked how they're starting to have some interesting color variations appear...
Can anyone share a photo of what is considered attractive on the 310 last? Aside from perhaps an engineer boot, everything I see looks like was beaten to death with an ugly stick. Stubby is an understatement. I'm thinking I just don't understand it and need to leave it at that. I would love to see the light though. The 110 OTOH is damn fine looking - it could very well be Viberg's most balanced last.
My 2030 Brandy boots have an arch support - ie. the inside of the boot is raised around the arch - not just talking about the heel pad. It's on the low side though.
It does, but it's rather on the low side. People who 'need' arch support, it's probably insufficient. For those who are flat-footed I'm not sure.
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