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Wings & Horns could sell those for $3000 for sure.
^ I had the same thought when I got the email. Damn they are funky. I'd have to see some on-foot photos.
Thanks... the shell is on the whole a higher level than my 975s - the only exception is the left toe cap has a bit of an orange peel quality to it, but it's only evident upon close inspection. No roughness anywhere. The color is light enough that imperfections are easily seen and there are a few marks here and there, but very slight.I have no idea if they will be doing more runs. Supposedly this one was less than 20 boots + Horween has been having sourcing issues for...
Some Brandy shots in different lighting....
If we're talking about Understatesman's boots, they should be almost a year old now (first batch of stealth boots came out last Nov)
Alright gents, down to the last pair. Once you go black...
That's good to know. I thought shell was more impervious to darkenening from it than say something like natty CXL (which I've personally seen darken quite a bit, but with that it was the look I was going for).This is Nick's quote on the matter "Many swear by Renovateur (Saphir), but my personal recommendation for conditioning shell (when it seldom needs it) is Venetian Creme."http://www.styleforum.net/t/204592/venetian-cream-for-shell-cordovanI don't do a regimen of...
I've used it on my other shell as I've seen Nick Horween recommend it + it's supplied by Viberg. Doesn't seem to darken. I've been brushing them after every wear and they have a nice matte type apperance, but this took away the whitish film that accumulates in places and allows them to shine up better.
Just shined up my Brandys for the first time (venetian -> brush -> old tshirt)
It look partially structured as well.I really don't think the CXL thickness Viberg uses warrants it.
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