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He was great when ordering my Navy Shells and communicating on the rebuild. He's ignored the two emails I sent over the past couple weeks, and Truman has ignored a phone call I made last Friday. I guess I'll try again and hope for the best.EDIT: got a response, should be shipped within a week.
FWIW, I got my Navy shells after 15 weeks, they messed up the order (structured toe when specified unstructured), said the rebuild would be 4 weeks, and now it's closing in on 9.I sent an email over two weeks ago asking for an update. No response. Sent another email 6 days ago, no response. Called on Friday and left a message, no response.On the plus side they were very responsive taking the boots back and setting up the rebuild. Hopefully things settle down a bit soon.
I'm certain that as of the black shell boot released at the end of 2013 all Viberg shell boots have had partial structure. Prior boots appeared mostly unstructured -- one notable exception was the Manufactum 1940 plain toe black shell from 2011. Also to note is Leffot did 2 #8 runs... the one from 2012 was unstructured, the one from 2014 was structured.I actually like the ping-pong toe on the GYW shell boots... finishing on the toe on the GYW boots looks right. Still...
I've only handled Horween shell (have brandy shell Vibergs and Alden 975s) -- it seems reasonably close in thickness and texture. I believe Deusis (guardedgoods.com) remarked that Rocado is close to Horween for roughly half the price, and he's handled just about everything out there.
Just got my navy shell boots in. Unfortunately they came out structured when I specified unstructured. Mentioned this to Vince and he was quick to respond, will send them back to get rebuilt. The construction is quite clean, the stitching is a solid step above my 'bergs, pretty much flawless. That said, the right captoe is a bit longer/slanted. This is something that might not come across in photos in general so I included a top-down in the last photo. Is this...
Navy shell out for delivery!
Anyone talk to Vince/Truman recently with word on the shell Navy orders? We're pushing 12.5 weeks now and want to abide by their request "We appreciate ETA emails be kept to a minimum."
Just pulling this up from a search as the last bit of discussion on the black Walter. I'm on this one too. I last chatted with Leffot about a month ago and they're pretty mum. But it's nearing 9 months since I put in my order (August 13) for a boot which was quoted to take 4-6 months. Anyone know what going on @ Alden and when I might realistically get my boot?
Hmm... that's tough due to your arch length and the 2030 being a somewhat elongated last. I'm an 8.5c overall and an 8.5 arch (both measured on a Brannock) and have both 7.5 (cxl) and 8 (shell) on the 2030.My biggest problem is arch length. I have room to spare in both boots, but the 8 works better (have to use a thick sock) specifically because the arch length feels short on the 7.5. If I put on my 7.5s sockless my ball snaps in perfectly at the arch, but with a...
I love Aldens and I think the price adjustment from my Vibergs is about on par (ie. I feel about as justified spending $1100 for my brandy boots or $700 for my cxl boots as I do $700 for Alden shell or $550 for an Alden cxl boot).There have been many complaints on QC, but the half dozen Aldens I've handled have only had minor issues (also on par w/ my 'bergs). The Alden thread on this site is incredibly active fwiw. On the whole, very attractive shoes, plenty of...
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