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For my cxl boots I just use Ventian (a small bottle included w/ the Vibergs) every couple months or so. Otherwise just a good brushing after every other wear. They really don't need much.
Same here, I was a bit surprised to see that thread. Hope it isn't the case otherwise I'm going to be kicking myself on missing the fat waxed flesh StyleForum GMTO.
There's a note further down that this was relayed from a stockist. So I thought I'd throw it out here if anyone knew more about this.
You're welcome.
I'm not sure this is appropriate, but the reddit goodyearwelt forum is blowing up with the idea that Viberg will be ditching stichdown construction soon: http://www.reddit.com/r/goodyearwelt/comments/33imvx/viberg_to_switch_to_gyw_construction_for_the/ (looks down at my lovely brown 2030 cxls with a tear in my eye )
Venetian is great stuff and used by Nick Horween - Viberg also ships it out with their boots (got it with my Brandy shells).http://www.styleforum.net/t/274603/nick-v-interviews-nick-horween-horween-leather"My standby is neutral Venetian Cream. C.A. Zoes is a great, old Chicago company and they make great stuff. There are so many different great products out there, though. The Saphir line is also great, and I know there are a million different products that people swear by....
Wow. I think they're cool but aside from the W+H affiliation I'm surprised they'd go that fast... triple leather/blacked out/leather sole seem like a deviation for the Viberg faithful. Perhaps a Viberg for someone with 3+ other Vibergs... or perhaps a particular SF/goodyearwelt member posted some yummy wear photos And to think just over a year ago blue shells sat around for over a week...
Link? The W+H site still shows sold out.
Massive fan of Smartwool PhD outdoor socks. They are banded around the middle to hold your foot snug, padded in the heel and forefoot, super tough and breathable. Socksaddict tends to have Smartwool sales periodically for like 30-40% off, free shipping.
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