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^ I also love the pinking (that's the term for the serrated edge, right?). Seems like alot of people didn't like that and Viberg stopped doing it, but this really seems to fit the style. They do look partial structured though?
Because it's freakin' gorgeous, right up there with the 2030 IMO - they just look *right*. I nearly got on the fat waxed flesh makeup but ultimately I don't believe the 110 would work for my narrow foot.I'm hoping someday there will be a 110 derived last that functionally works in a fashion-workwear role but holds true to the aesthetic.
This question was posted to the recent reddit Viberg AMA and Guy responded with this:"The real issue with the 110 (i have two pairs of boots on it that i still wear) is the waist and the heel. It was never really designed for casual wear. The people who have been really vocal about it seem to prefer the width in the forefoot, but i'd be surprised if anyone was getting the right fit through the ankle area. Also, the shape just simply doesn't work with some of our new...
Alright, a little something So my concern is this - I used to size down a full size on dress shoes/boots. I targeted a 7.5, mostly because I was too focused on heel slip and room in front of my toes. I was wearing things like a 6.5e in crocket and Jones, a 7d in indy boots, 7.5 on AE #5, etc.I kinda messed up my feet in the process - volume-wise many of these choices seemed ideal but in actuality they were all too short to even tell they were too short. IF you're like...
You wear an 8.5d Barrie and can fit a 7 2030? Wow... I'm an 8c on a 975 and my 7.5 CXL 2030s are a tad short. It's not a tightness thing, it's literally the heel to ball of my foot length being too short. I have an 8 for my Brandy boots and IMO that's my proper 2030 size.
I don't know if there is any consensus, but my impression from what I've heard over the years is they last roughly twice as long as leather. If you're wearing daily and doing alot of walking or subjecting them to rough treatment I think they could be gone in a year or so. For most folks on these forums where they are rotating at least in another pair of shoes/boots, they can easily go years.
I believe you can get heel pads replaced independently of doing a full resole and should be reasonably cheap / easy (ie. any cobbler could do it without worry), shouldn't affect boot longevity. Just need to do it before the heel is worn down and eats into the stack.
I have a 2030 cxl 7.5 and brandy shell in an 8. I'm an 8.5c brannock (both in overall length and heel to ball) with a fairly low volume foot, medium arch/instep.The brandys feel a full size narrower, as if it was an 8d vs. a 7.5e. I don't think this is just the cxl stretching or whatnot, it's as if perhaps the cxl was harder to last - the difference ire pretty visibly obious. The heel was way wider out of the box on the cxl boots and the heel counter is clearly more...
Have you tried a 110 boot? The 110 is the only Viberg last I find as attractive as the 2030 and really would love a Boondocker in it, but I worry it would be too much for my narrow foot. It's hard to speculate though as my shell 2030s are considerably more narrow in the heel than my cxl 2030s, but as the latter are a half size down it's not too bad.
FYI: "On Monday, May 25 at Noon (PST) we will be releasing a restock of our Service Boot in Black Chromexcel. Built on the 2030 Last and featuring Gunmetal Eyelets, a Dainite Sole and a **Natural Flat Welt**. Available in limited quantities exclusively on viberg.com."
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