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FYI: "On Monday, May 25 at Noon (PST) we will be releasing a restock of our Service Boot in Black Chromexcel. Built on the 2030 Last and featuring Gunmetal Eyelets, a Dainite Sole and a **Natural Flat Welt**. Available in limited quantities exclusively on viberg.com."
While that could explain it to some degree, I think the difference is too much here. At least the last 2 runs (spanning a year now) have been this way for the brown cxl boot - many sizes sold out within hours, most of the run gone within a day. Not a single size is sold out now.If we're to take at face value that the GYW process isn't providing higher yields for normal run boots, then there shouldn't be appreciable higher numbers available.
Great point.It's like putting a v6 in a Mustang. Sure, it's certainly a Mustang. And a modern V6 mustang will obliterate an old-school 5.0 from the late 80s. But is a v6 Mustang a "muscle car"? There is a certain cultural aesthetic at play here that spans decades.Viberg created a market with the high-end fashionable work boot category. The flap of leather over the welt with the double row stitch I think is pretty iconic - no they didn't invent the stitch-down, but...
It appears all sizes are in stock 2 hours after. I recall during the last run they sold out half the available sizes within the first few hours.
The instagram post had a few mentions of these looking like shell. I can see that, it looks like they were lasted w/ a very high tension and/or unusually good clicking. The welting does looking Tricker'esque.I know it was posted that Viberg is still doing stitchdown, but this is one of their basic boots - possibly the most common first 'berg for many. Given the choice, I'd definitely opt for a shell Alden instead.In any case, these are going on noon PST tomorrow. Will...
Got a restock notice for the brown cxl 2030 service boot... w/ a partial toe + GYW. Glad I have mine already, favorite pair of boots I own.
For my cxl boots I just use Ventian (a small bottle included w/ the Vibergs) every couple months or so. Otherwise just a good brushing after every other wear. They really don't need much.
Same here, I was a bit surprised to see that thread. Hope it isn't the case otherwise I'm going to be kicking myself on missing the fat waxed flesh StyleForum GMTO.
There's a note further down that this was relayed from a stockist. So I thought I'd throw it out here if anyone knew more about this.
You're welcome.
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