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That quote seems to contradict itself - is it horseside (the skin) or shell (the muscle fiber)?
It was actually allowing you to put them in a cart, but when you checked out it was saying sold out. I tried it for giggles about 10 minutes after they were posted. Now it actually has a sold out sign on the page itself (I'm assuming a person had to update the page with this info).
Hmm, both my pairs of 2030 boots have stiching worn out around the foot. It doesn't happen as quickly than it does with my leather soled shoes, but it still began happening relatively quickly (maybe about 20-30 wears). The sole is glued on on all these shoes as well so it shouldn't be a problem. Odd that you have to reglue, never had to do that before.
Any info on # of pairs available this time? For the Brandys it was less than 20, but that is likely a harder to obtain leather + material losses for stitchdown... so regardless of demand, they probably won't sell out in 45 seconds again Don't recall how quickly the last shell makeup sold out though - while it was a #8, it was also plain toe on the 1035 IIRC, and I don't recall the same kind of interest for it as it seems there is for these
Right, I think with these special makeups they want the allocation to be as fair as possible to the demand. The batch will likely be pretty low... most likely less than 40 or so (apparently there were less than 20 of the Brandy shells which sold out in 45 seconds).
Has it been confimred the shell models are still going to be $1100?I thought the whole reason why they were so pricey was because of the material losses working with stitchdown, which of course limits the # of boots available for something that was already hard to source in the first place. I was thinking they were going to be in the $900'ish area. (ie. a similar upcharge you would expect from anyone else).
Really happy I got in on these.Love Alden crepe soles.... the leather toe tip and all, and esp. love how they look as they break-in (look like burnt tire rubber with a slight whitish haze, so cool). And the feel, like tennis shoes. Love them more with a chunky reverse welt.I'm somewhat influenced by the Roy boot which at one time seemed to be the hotness around these parts. Not sure what happened in the ensuing years, but the crepe seems to get much hate.If I had a...
Do people tend to take the same size/width in a Barrie boot vs. shoe? I feel like I've seen people mention they sometimes go down a width with shoes vs. boots, but maybe I'm imagining things as I'm having trouble finding info on this in a search. The reason I ask is I have a 975 in an 8c and it's one of my best fitting shoes - perfectly snug in the heel, waist, and instep with room to spare up front. I also have a Gamble Hill Indy (barrie lasted) in an 8d and it's...
^ I also love the pinking (that's the term for the serrated edge, right?). Seems like alot of people didn't like that and Viberg stopped doing it, but this really seems to fit the style. They do look partial structured though?
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