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To my Brandy brethren - Sept. is almost upon us, anyone hear anything? Just shot off a note to Guy. To say I'm excited is an understatement.
I personally think it's pretty great. Just not great enough to have me choose it over an Alden shell PTB at a similar price.
That's what I did w/ the Brandys. You could even see me earlier in the thread justifying why I didn't need them... but the hour before they went live my brain turned to jelly and my fingers danced along to a Rocky-like montage training my reflexes on the Viberg boot page -> cart -> Paypal purchase screen.The payoff from that hard work... this I do not regret.
Just a quick note on some things Guy mentioned to me over email correspondence RE: Brandys... - The tongue is a thinned out version of their Chicago Tan Latigo, very closely matches the color of the shell - In case this isn't clear yet, partial structured toes on shell makeups from here on out, you can't request one without Hope this is okay to share, in case anyone else was wondering...
Check out wdahab's gallery: http://imgur.com/a/Fc57R#0Not sure if this is an apple-to-apple's comparison - IIRC the natty shells are unlined whereas the newer makeups have some sort of lining (it's listed on the brandy shells at least)
Question to those with the more recent 2030 shell makeups - how do you feel about the partially structured toe? Does the nature of the boot make sense with them? If you had the choice would you prefer without? I'm somewhat on the fence about asking Guy if I can do an unstructured toe on my Brandy's. As beautiful the new color 8s are, based on recent photos I can't help but feel they lack that special sleekness I love about the 2030. At the same time I understand the...
Ha... I'm 5'5". I actually think my unstructured 7.5 CXLs look fairly dainty (at least from the profile shot) so I'm not terribly concerned about an 8 Brandy visually... but I wasn't factoring in the partially structured toe. My new Indys, while significantly more narrow, seem slightly longer and more bulbous in the toe in the profile shot and are at my personal limit of what I'd think gets into clownish territory for my frame.Could anyone with both partially structured...
Yeah, these are quite special. Definitely daily driver status.I'm actually at an 8 on the Brandy's now - it's not the vamp (which feels spot on), but how my foot rests at the flexpoint that has me concerned on my 7.5s.
Quite tight. The funny thing is it doesn't seem to make a difference... tightness or socks. I can stick my foot in sockless and I get that sensation. When I put my weight down there is a palpable 'squishing' effect, if that makes any sense, where it feels like my forefoot is pushing into the front of the boot. Yeah, I'm thinking that's the right move. All I know is my Gamble's Hill Indys in an 8d fit great... slightly loose in the heel, slightly snug in the forefoot,...
Hey sacafotos,Just wanted to thank you again and note that I ended up wearing the Gamble's Hill Indys over the past few days.I have fallen completely in love with these. The crepe sole is a bit odd, but I can't argue that they aren't comfortable. With the somewhat lightweight build they feel more like high-top sneakers than boots.I want to put some serious wear into them before sharing photos, as yours have inspired me to do so... cheers
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