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Yup... and I was incorrect about the photo above... the first leffot run didn't have a structured toe cap. I'd love to be corrected on this, but I don't recall seeing a partially structured toe w/ long cap.
I don't think that's it. There's significantly more toe cap on my unstructured size 7.5 CXL 2030s vs. my size 8 Brandys. I'll try to take a photo tonight.
Yep, same here. I'm an 8d in Barrie with regular athletic socks, an 8.5c in dress socks (LWB), and an 8 on the 2030 with thick shocks. I already tried a 7.5 in a 2030 and while roomy in places it was just too short. My foot measures an 8.5b on a brannock.
Agreed - this is something I've also noticed over the past half year or so, it seems like a stylistic decision Viberg has taken on partially structured toe-boxes (which I think is what people are really seeing when they say a partial structured toe is less sleek).My theory is if you notice the structure in the toe cap it's way short of the toe cap itself, so Viberg is likely trying to match that better. Why not create larger structured piece? Perhaps it gets in the way...
Thanks. Though I'm not sure if I'd kick those navys out of bed for these - those have have seriously swag.
Sorry man, I was pullin' for ya.The color is seriously on point, not sure if I lucked out and got a shade lighter or what, but that original instagram pic tells the story. Way more comfy than my brown CXLs (although those were a 7.5, these feel less built/lighter/more pliant).
Just got my size 8s in... they're good Edit: this is in somewhat shadowy conditions, I'll take might in direct sunlight tomorrow.
True, the poster admitted it was lighter than in the photo, but it was darker than expected (whatever that means).I thought it was supposed to be virtually indistinguishable from Whiskey, but it appears I'm mistaken and it is a shade or two darker: http://www.styleforum.net/t/166919/shell-cordovan-color-comparisons#post_2974859
It is a bit disspointing though, esp. if you've been in the Alden threads and seen how the lighter colors have darkened dramatically over the past few years. Looks like Viberg isn't immune to Horween's sourcing issues for unblemished shell, even when there are
Someone from reddit posted some Brandy photos. They're rather dark: http://m.imgur.com/a/i2GXJ
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