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The condition of these is insane. How often do you wear them?EDIT: out of curiosity, are these a size 7.5 that were sold as new on eBay last year? If so I almost bid on them.
Brick and Mortar has lists for this in both Aberdeen and Plaza.
I have a VP bag coming soon as well - their most commonly used fabric is heavily waxed.
Thanks! I almost got a pair of Indys instead, but Yenni had one of these in stock and I can't really make up my mind which I like more!Agreed, really like the whole antique flat welt + commando sole that B+M seem to use is many of their plaza makeups.
Second day out with my #8 plaza wt boots from B+M
Yeah, I see what you mean. My poor navy shells are effin amazing -- I may prefer them aesthetically to my Brandy shell bergs.There's something about the last they use with an unstructured captoe... it gets away from being sleek and slim (relative to the 2030) , having a weight to it, yet at the same time being handsomely sculpted in the shape. It's a really great look and unique to them.
Those look spectacular. These are the 2nd pari of shell Junkards I've seen and I love them. They seem to fall more into the early pre-GYW / pre-structured Viberg aesthetic.
Thanks guys. Yeah, this is truly a bummer. On the one hand, I really want these boots -- I pretty much fell in love w/ Deusis's makeup (got the same except w/ 8 eyelets), they're sorta an 'alternate reality more rugged' version of the navy shell Vibergs from a few years back. So it's a grail for me. They came out looking truly glorious, much nicer than the original build with the wonky structured toe. On the other hand, this is a pretty big goof up. It most certainly...
Just took delivery of the boots. They do look fantastic, and when it's light out I'll be happy to take glamour shots. Unfortunately they weren't meant to be worn on-foot - there's a substantial tear at the base of the tongue on the right boot, and the left boot has some minor tearing on both sides of its tongue. Pretty distraught to say the least... but at the end of the day they're just boots. Kicked it back to Truman, let's see what they can do.
Finally got one for my navy shells, they are coming Monday as well.
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