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If we're talking about Understatesman's boots, they should be almost a year old now (first batch of stealth boots came out last Nov)
Alright gents, down to the last pair. Once you go black...
That's good to know. I thought shell was more impervious to darkenening from it than say something like natty CXL (which I've personally seen darken quite a bit, but with that it was the look I was going for).This is Nick's quote on the matter "Many swear by Renovateur (Saphir), but my personal recommendation for conditioning shell (when it seldom needs it) is Venetian Creme."http://www.styleforum.net/t/204592/venetian-cream-for-shell-cordovanI don't do a regimen of...
I've used it on my other shell as I've seen Nick Horween recommend it + it's supplied by Viberg. Doesn't seem to darken. I've been brushing them after every wear and they have a nice matte type apperance, but this took away the whitish film that accumulates in places and allows them to shine up better.
Just shined up my Brandys for the first time (venetian -> brush -> old tshirt)
It look partially structured as well.I really don't think the CXL thickness Viberg uses warrants it.
I am super on the fence with these. Navy is actually my first choice due to wanting to fill that color gap of my shell collection (not something I'd use all that much so the price is right), but I'm not a fan of these wear pics. Not the outfit, just doesn't seem like they'd patina in the pleasing way that attracts me to shell in the first place. There's only 2 navy spots left... uhh, decisions
Pretty much.I actually sized my cxls at 7.5 because my 975s are an 8c and that seemed to be the conventional advice (I'm 8.5b branock fwiw). They're too short. The Brandys at size 8 with medium thickness outdoor socks pretty much fit like my gambles indys (barrie) at an 8d with athletic socks.
I have a few pairs of Alden (975s, and regular indy and gambles hill indys) and now a couple pairs of Vibergs (brandy and brown cxl service boots). I feel they're priced appropriately from a relative pricing standpoint - for cxl boots, an extra $200 makes sense. They're quite hefty and thick with a nice attention to detail, more than I was expecting based on the photos.
For me the initial cordovan creasing happens quickly, pretty much during the first wear. The big rolls that you see on well worn footwear seems to take some time though.
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