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Worthless...any hair clippers for $19.99 from your friendly drugstore would work better
New Order re-mixed
PM +payment sent. Thanx!
I am on call 24x7/365...the secretary can reach/find me anytime/anywhere in case of an emergency, and I have to be on location within hours...vacations including. Do I get paid well? Not if its 24/7/365
I am a White Russian...and also bi-lingual ( or is tri-?). The song belongs to the BARD genre, for sure. That means that one has to know Russian + Russian history + be in the know about what's going on over there to have a chance to really appreciate it.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW After she married that twat Michael Douglas, I lost interest in her in a big way! Is it because you're like 21 years old, or something?
Hate it when I have to wear new shoes/boots...and absolutely hate it when someone notices and asks "So, you got a pair of new shoes, eh...?"
Yeah... its obvious the punitive factor is insignificant compared to the US....but is there any evidence that Swedish prisons actually "rehabiliate"?
Amnesty International
PM +payment sent. Thanks!
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