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Once I visited a Hare Krishna commune. The PR lady there, one of the full-time residents, insisted that 4 hours a night, is a maximum amount to be allowed. Anything more than that has detrimental effect on your body/brain
golden toe for socks jockey for underwear gap for form fitting t-shirts/henleys the most worthless/overpriced+poorly made/low quality/pretentious brand: banana republic
Before and immediately after wearing...always
It makes going to work a lot more exciting, but really, don't do it, or you'll live to regret it
Any of those "clinical strength" deodorants you see in a drugstore: very faint smell, and they are sweat-proof
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap gap sleepwear and gap socks this week; I'm addicted to this stuff. Speaking of Gap, amazingly, I've found their solid-color thermal henleys with a bit of stretch to be the best fitting henleys that go extremely well with a pair of jeans. On sale @ $10.00, or so
A navy Brioni suit purchased 16 years ago at SYMS for $ 200.00...served me until 2 years ago, and then sadly, I had to throw it out after wearing it on average twice a week. F--K!
Nothing ever changes, resistance is futile, it is what it was buddha
Aramis..the smell never fails, an old + timeless, yet too familiar classic
Remind me of some "iconic" Visvim shit that I saw elsewhere...on this forum, actually
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