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I can't believe this pathetic discussion went on for 12 pages of worthless exchange of should's and shouldnot's... OP, you are a huge disappointment and will never amount to much for not being able to make a basic decision.
Quote: Originally Posted by VelvetGreen Вы настолько неправильны, что это не забавно. Российские женщины перед возрастом 35, во-первых, красивы и во-вторых, любят иностранцев. Это - то, почему мы любим их назад и хотим отвести их домой и преподавать им английский язык. ...some far-fetched generalizations here. A lot of russian wymens are extremely ugly and big boned. The prettiest tend to gravitate towards Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev and Lviv...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flartchy The reason I posted is that I was a little surprised that a guy who has that much monkey would be on a show in a jacket with sleeves 2 inches too long. Does anybody know if that's just the style he likes or something? It's just the rest of the world doesn't care a whit about sleve length, and such....
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog reading through this thread has made me highly reconsider getting a new car since i got a new job. perhaps ill continue driving my old one. ...on the contrary, since you'll probably never get filthy rich, go ahead and get that new car and live it up!
Quote: Originally Posted by mishon Lardini is very pretty, albeit not my size. A very underrated brand. Lardini=Dolce&Gabbana
A Hermes t shirt isn't any better or worse than a $500 pair of raw jeans from some unknown japanese company. Actually, they probably would go together very well
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason This is all based on worse case scenarios, I don't have any constructive tips. Just be careful. Never give control to a Chinese business partner. They will screw you over any chance they get. Be careful if they are a well connected business in the local province, or worse, have direct government interest. Bribery/graft is very common, and 90% of the time it's how it's done. However, be aware that if they think...
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw That's a common question and it's not stupid. It's an open question that lets you explain why you think you're a good candidate for that particular job. It's a common question for someone unemployed or applying for a dead-end, entry- or mid-level working stiff job. It is totally stupid in a highly-specialized area. If a potential employer (or deadbeats from their HR) can't see/recognize a set of skills,...
I have some sentimental memories about Versace: about 20 years ago I bought a wild polyester shirt for about $300.00, I believe. Don't know what happened to it, because it kind of disappeared. Armani? Noone can beat his famous cashmere t-shirts
The dude is trolling...obviously well enough for some to bite
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