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Not to highjack teh thread, but can someone help me out and tell what kind of whater I should drink?
There's a saga full of lulz about a recent college graduate who got a job and now is agonizing over buying a bmw or not. Highly recommended!
Anytown in the South; those include: Charlotte Atlanta anything in Alabama, Georgia and N/S Carolina... nasty,redneck accents, ubiquitous stench of sweat everywhere,gnarled traffic, hypocritical/two-faced people
Quote: Originally Posted by QBNCGAR K....at this point, ol' boy deserves whatever he gets. Wow. +1 Whomsoever obstinately refuses to listen to the collective voice of wisdom, indeed deserves whatever bad luck comes his way. Being ethical is one thing(refund the purchase then, and take the jalopy back) Being smart and playing it by the book is another. One can't sit between two chairs
Kicking Mule khakis have been the best...too bad I can;t find them any longer
^^^ Shi-i-te! You got it!
Escondido La Canada/Flintridge
Please, someone move this POS loser thread into the DT department!
I can't believe this pathetic discussion went on for 12 pages of worthless exchange of should's and shouldnot's... OP, you are a huge disappointment and will never amount to much for not being able to make a basic decision.
Quote: Originally Posted by VelvetGreen Вы настолько неправильны, что это не забавно. Российские женщины перед возрастом 35, во-первых, красивы и во-вторых, любят иностранцев. Это - то, почему мы любим их назад и хотим отвести их домой и преподавать им английский язык. ...some far-fetched generalizations here. A lot of russian wymens are extremely ugly and big boned. The prettiest tend to gravitate towards Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev and Lviv...
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