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I haven't seen a dye job done well on a man with grey hair. A pro would be expensive and require constant maintenance. Self-dye kits don't work. So, stay away from anything like that and wear your greys with pride. To offset looking old, take care of your face and exercise regularly
Coffee in the morning, green tea in the afternoon and in the evening. Green tea stains teeth like crazy, so I brush 3 times a day to keep them half-decent
I own one, bought on e-bay for under $200. The leather is nice, but definitely not slim. One should have a rather athletic upper body, otherwise it'll look like a bag
Free bump for a time-wasting "nothing for sale* thread
I like them wide and bold @ 4". Stefano Ricci is my idol.
I've got a few of their boots: they usually last a couple of seasons and good for casual wear. A decent deal at 50-60 percent off
I buy lots of stuff at Amazon, so Amazon CC thru' Chase is a great deal, points and rewards Also, Chase Freedom, great rewards program
I own 10 suits, and wear them 2-3 times a week: 1 tan for the summer,5 grey and 4 navy. 2 of the grey ones are winter weight. One of the blue ones is double-breasted for very formal occasions. I don't own any black suits, but should get one for hip occasions. Invest in quality, and if you maintain your weight, with proper care they'll last until the time you don't need to wear any suits at all
450 pushups in 45 minutes
I voted for Westin: never a bad experience. But for the sheer ambiance and european flair, nothing beats Sofitel
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