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I test drove both (new ones) and preferred Lexus overall (better reliability, more luxurious of a ride, better service experience as a rule). Mercedes had the looks and more exclusivity for what its worth, but also a harsher ride. I've never seen a used bluetec. But that's probably because I didn't look hard enough, as I made a u-turn and bought a new Land Rover
It is Black Friday sale, men's shoes category...3 or 4 Danner models included
High rep pushups is the best way to develop and maintain lean, moderately muscular physique and avoid bulk
on sale now at 40% off on Amazon, just bought a pair
surprised no one mentioned Armani, especially their Trend line
I buy tons of stuff on Amazon, and with prime membership its free 2-day shipping. Great website for not too fancy yet essential stuff and easy to navigate Also, for specialized clothing/footwear, Backcountry is great
For half that price, I'd recommend To Boot New York
^^^,,,and this is based on personal observations: back not kept straight, chest doesn't touch the floor, elbows not kept closely to the body...- cheating
Many people are not doing push-ups deep enough or properly, as a result most numbers are meaningless
It is a very smooth vodka for the price, and one of my favorites. Just a notch above Finlandia
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