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Well, yes, that's about right... high rep pushups will develop your lean, moderately muscular upper body and will not do much for your lower body at all, except slimming it down. Those whose fitness goals and aesthetic are different, should consider adding weights/ other routines to their workout.
I test drove both (new ones) and preferred Lexus overall (better reliability, more luxurious of a ride, better service experience as a rule). Mercedes had the looks and more exclusivity for what its worth, but also a harsher ride. I've never seen a used bluetec. But that's probably because I didn't look hard enough, as I made a u-turn and bought a new Land Rover
It is Black Friday sale, men's shoes category...3 or 4 Danner models included
High rep pushups is the best way to develop and maintain lean, moderately muscular physique and avoid bulk
on sale now at 40% off on Amazon, just bought a pair
surprised no one mentioned Armani, especially their Trend line
I buy tons of stuff on Amazon, and with prime membership its free 2-day shipping. Great website for not too fancy yet essential stuff and easy to navigate Also, for specialized clothing/footwear, Backcountry is great
For half that price, I'd recommend To Boot New York
^^^,,,and this is based on personal observations: back not kept straight, chest doesn't touch the floor, elbows not kept closely to the body...- cheating
Many people are not doing push-ups deep enough or properly, as a result most numbers are meaningless
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