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I would suggest Rag and Bone denim, a bit more of a trouser-like styling. RB11 in particular, if you can find them
+1I always iron and put a crease on my bell-bottoms
I've been drooling over these but haven't pulled the trigger yet
Not uncivilized per se, but difficult to pull off due to various reasons...mostly, prevalent gnarly toe nails. If you do, do a self-pedicure, or something
TTS, in my experience. The extra width doesn't affect the insole length
^^^That seems to be a frequent complaint. I've had the same problem for about 3-4 days until they broke in. Definitely, wear the lacing up top loose in the beginning. the leather should get softer after a few days of consistent wear
^^^ ...the key phrase here is tone controls, an anathema for a true-blue audiophile. My ears like them though when I stream music from my Droid phone
And that's the danger of owning high quality components, very unforgiving to poor/compressed recording that dominate the music market place. Because of this, I've been using my secondary office system more and more (Arcam int amp with tone controls, Dali Suite 1.7 speakers with a Dali sub, QED wires and a cheap OPPO DVD)
Well, yes, that's about right... high rep pushups will develop your lean, moderately muscular upper body and will not do much for your lower body at all, except slimming it down. Those whose fitness goals and aesthetic are different, should consider adding weights/ other routines to their workout.
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