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The only way to try and shrink them a bit is to launder them in hot water and then dry in a hot drier
Mink. Persian had been worn in the past mostly by aging politburo leaders
Although very professionally designed, the site is indeed full of red flags, occasional bad grammar being one of them
Best: a pair of KMW 1950's (...too bad the company is barely alive, it seems) Worst: a pair of Momotaro's (...too tight in the thighs...)
Buy some wool turtlenecks, they're actually pretty decent, I own a couple
I like Virtual Dynamics cables and power cords (sadly, the company is now defunct). They were terribly overpriced. Built like hoses. Speaker cables be damned, but the power cords made all the difference in tightening the bass on my Conrad Johnson/Proac D25's/ MF CDP system
You aren't gonna win any sharp dresser awards wearing either. Don't let your aunt buy you shoes, instead graciously accept from her a money equivalent
Back to the topic, after agonizing over a decent looking helmet (...none are out there), I settled on LAS looking amongst the ugly, if there's such a thing
^^^ are lucky your wife doesn't mind the wires
True audiophiles who are married,buy stuff based on the WAF (wife approval factor). Based on WAF, I suspect women prefer Bang and Olufsen + Bose
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