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18 miles in about one hour (...I am a bit out of shape after winter+ gusty winds). The temp here was in the mid-60's. Perfect!
25 miles is two hours on a shitty bike with racks' and stuff and would be hell, especially in florida summer
The main problem with OP choosing the bike is that he plans initially to use it for 5-6 mile rides and then eventually increase to 25 mile trips. Herein lies the problem: for short trips you don't need anything fancy, something from your local walmart should work. Riding a bike for 25 miles is no easy feat and goes into a totally different price range and configuration. It needs to be light, suited to your body geometry, no luggage racks etc. For short trips (up to 12...
Now, young man, why in the world would you decide to ruin your entire look by wearing fine MTM suits and rotten shoes?
PRPS Impala
Good for the winter/ as hell in the summer
In defense of Oakleys, they've been the most comfortable pair of sunglasses I've owned...something about their hinges For that reason alone, they are my go-to pair when biking, running or working in the yard
Yohji - tranny analogy is hilarious
It's a toss-up between 9.5 E and 10D
+1I love PRPS Impala fit and keep an eye on what else is out there .... I was disheartened to find out a lot of their models now are over distressed and grossly overpriced "fashion" kind of jeans
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