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Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Has anyone seen the Cube? Pretty cool movie/slightly freaky. Cool movie + original, and low-budget at that. Rented on Amazon back in the day for 99 cents
As of late, "High Tension" and "Frontier(s)" Highly recommended
Will watch when on sale/deeply discounted due to its awfulness and hilariousness...besides, it's a classic
Who needs Dunhill for clothing? Buy the real thing! Cigarettes and lighters, on the other hand + maybe their perfumes
There seem to be no great leases in the present time, i.e. no subsidized residuals (except on E350 bluetech models) + money is expensive The only car with extremely cheap money factor (under 1%) is 2011 Volvo S80, but like many other things, you get what you pay for
Quote: Originally Posted by UnFacconable Thinking about leasing a car and looking to the forum cognoscenti (and Piobaire as resident lease pimp). Have been thinking about A5, Q5, 5 series or E-class for a 3 year lease. I'm fairly unrealistic, so I've been hoping to get a 5-series, A6 or E-class if I could get one for around 500-600 a month (with no cap reduction), although that looks to be all but impossible. Failing that, I'd probably jump into an A5...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cashmoney It was a wild time. Casual sex where no one sweated STDs. AIDS was unknown. Drugs were everywhere, the Nancy Reagan just- say-no years still ahead of us. Disco appealed to gays, blacks, and anyone who looked good/dressed well and could move to the music and had sexual self-confidence. It was as if America wanted to forget the trauma of Vietnam and Watergate and just have a good time. By early 1977, punk/new wave...
$500 for ZZegna is a decent price only if the shite fits like a glove and no alterations required.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beckwith Cannot believe how aggressive MB got on the GL. Left a deposit and will likely pick it up this weekend. First time in my negotiations that they came back to me, unwarranted and discounted the monthly payment by $80. We shall see. Thanks for the input. That's highly unusual for a dealer to all of a sudden discount $80.00 per month in payments, in fact frittering away a significant profit margin. Suspicious
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