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Polo I suit jacket is pretty trim, the pants, plated as they are, are fuller cut. Didn't like it too much initially, but now I think it's fine
It looks OK for a $15k car, as is expected from any other car in the same price range Debating its looks is just like discussing design qualities of a pair of $75 square-toed Johnston and Murphy shoes
Buy a used Ford Taurus for next to nothing: a solid workhorse and cheap to fix
I used to use a CC with a very liberal cash back bonus program, literally charging everything and paying it off every month until they caught on to that and required to open their bank's checking account with hefty maintenance fees to continue to take advantage of their CC cash rewards program
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Has anyone seen the Cube? Pretty cool movie/slightly freaky. Cool movie + original, and low-budget at that. Rented on Amazon back in the day for 99 cents
As of late, "High Tension" and "Frontier(s)" Highly recommended
Will watch when on sale/deeply discounted due to its awfulness and hilariousness...besides, it's a classic
Who needs Dunhill for clothing? Buy the real thing! Cigarettes and lighters, on the other hand + maybe their perfumes
There seem to be no great leases in the present time, i.e. no subsidized residuals (except on E350 bluetech models) + money is expensive The only car with extremely cheap money factor (under 1%) is 2011 Volvo S80, but like many other things, you get what you pay for
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