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I am pretty good at what I do and rather secure at the current position. That said, periodically I test the waters and interview for a position elsewhere. The stupid question that ends it all is, "Why should we hire you?". That's when I shake my head in disbelief, get up and walk out without saying a word.
...And it's worth about $40.00, if real.....$39.99, if fake...
Quote: Originally Posted by Contingency Plan No way I'd ever invest in anything Russian, ever. I'm nervous just thinking about the links BP is making with Rosneft, what with Putin's past pedigree in nationalising foreign capital. The risks are enormous, as are the rewards. Not for the timid of heart or penny-pinchers
Quote: Originally Posted by Rosenberg I'm sure you were being sarcastic but I'd absolutely rather have a Wagoneer over newer Range Rovers, just not at 100k I should make this my signature...because of the sheer idiocy of this statement
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Going back to the thread title, I think guys that get used to "coming on stong" to women wherever they go get into the mindset of believing that it's consensual absent overwhelming evidence to the contrary. And, sadly, many women aren't forceful enough in their protestations to convince them otherwise. That's always been my pet theory about Kobe - he thought they were having fun until she started crying, and by then it...
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse I always hear great things about these laptops, but I wish they would step up the game in their designs. Never been a big fan of how they look. -2 It's a minimalist, no-frills design done just right. That's one of the many reasons I own Lenovos
Quote: Originally Posted by coolpapaboze How many posting in this thread have actually driven the XF? I have, and I've driven the new XJ, both in the supercharged iterations. Anyone basing their opinions on Jaguar models earlier than these two, needs to re-evaluate Jaguar. My next car will likely be an XJ SC. It blows the fucking doors off my 08 750 in every conceivable way and it's also more of a driver's car than the current F01 7 series, which I...
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog this is a related tangent -- i was watching the new thor clip from the apple movie trailers page and i couldn't help but shake my head at the god-aweful acura product placement. it's like they spent millions of dollars to shove the ugly front of their cars in our faces. acuras truly are ugly now. While looking for a new car, I checked out an Acura dealership: nicest people you'll ever meet, fantastic...
I liked the new Jags...but then I saw a damn Hyunday that resembled a Jag very closely... ...Now the love is gone ...modern day Bimmers ain't what they used to be, I hear, in handling and teh ride: softer and vague
Bought many things, but I know my exact sizes in things/brands I buy: Armani suits for dirt cheap Boglioli suits/jackets Lardini suits some Caruso jackets ...and some Diesel Denim Gallery jeans
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