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+1....wear with caution
dressy sneakers: do a search on Jil Sander, Bruno Magli, Bally, Tods and Ferragamo sneakers
They are OK at $500=600 but carry a bargain basement stigma even at that price. So, spend more and consider an entry level Omega, Breitling, Sinn
Me likes Stefano Ricci, extra-extra wide please
No, that was before I saw the light: instead I got into a heated argument about pros and cons of different diesel models:brick:
Many years ago I was banned from a jeans forum.
The boots received, great seller!!
Do you? suggesting that I don't and playing an amateur psychologist
....I'd learn to spell Zegna, and then not buy it but choose RLBL, assuming one is fit enough to pull it off
$ sent. Thanks!
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