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A bit 70s for me. Pic attached of a jacket dating to 1975, for comparison. No criticism intended - if you like the look, you like the look.
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS Thanks for sharing that, douchebag. After unfortunately stumbling across quite a few of your posts, I think it's safe to say that a murder/suicide would be committed after spending more than 5 minutes with you in a room. Our polite American friend! I imagine the majority of those 2,279 posts (since April 2008 no less!) are worthless. The equivalent of a bad case of the squits! Choler up, trousers down.
Quote: Originally Posted by nate10184 I understand where your coming from but I bought a pair of C+J's for next to nothing a few months ago and wear them about as much as any shoe I have (I'm only 24). In warm months they are great with no-show loafer socks. I'm a convert now. You must pull back, old chap! If you've started to roll up your jeans and show your ankles, you've had it. You'll move from that point to shorts, beards, thermos...
Quote: Originally Posted by XdryMartini Recently got these at a NM sale event - 25% off!!! John Lobb Ashley Chestnut w/ Ardilla apron Have to say I have a loathing for loafers. They are the shoe of choice of the late middle-aged man (I'm not there yet, I might add). Something to do with bending down, trouble undoing shoelaces, aching feet, etc. However, I loathe sandals even more! It is vile, absolutely vile to see people's...
Tricker's boots are quite big at the toe - probably bigger than the Fred. Then again, that's a characteristic of most country boots. The only one I've seen which is fairly conservative is the Edward Green "Galway", but that is super expensive. I'd get the Tricker's in C-Shade Gorse calf (the second one down). Nice colour, not too bright, will age well, will darken.
I wouldn't touch the Rushden Range with a bargepole myself.
I once bought a pair of R.M. Williams shoe trees. The female shop assistant aggressively wrestled with the boot and cedar shoe tree, eventually managing to get it in. I feared the boots had been damaged (I feel sorry for the poor fellow who bought them). I opened the box when I got home: the end of the shoe tree had splintered off! Now that takes some doing. She must really have been putting her back into it. Inexperience and/or Time OTM was the likely cause! As an...
Tis' a pity your collection is going. My pithy advice would be: Keep the best, ditch the rest! Prob no more than 10 - 12 pairs is practical. I'd definitely keep the EGs and the Tricker's "Stow". I like the look of the Alden semi-brogue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro I believe so, but IIRC none of the leather swatches have that name, rather the name of that color on the swatch is something like rose noir. That looks like a ghastly 1970s number. Stack the heels, iron flares, adjust kipper tie!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpringCleaning Please do not take this the wrong way, but to clarify, my main cabinet holds a selection of 30 shoes which I can rotate every four to eight weeks or as I fancy. You might note that the Lobbs represent a range of years (the new, outlandish designs look better on your feet than in the catalog). I prefer to think that I am more organized -- some may say obsessive-compulsive -- than Andrew and I actually wear my...
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