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Just arrived courtesy of The Shoe Healer. I didn't fancy the stock line "Lambourn" in beechnut burnished or the Crockett and Jones "Chelsea", so I did a MTO in 808 chestnut (alas soon to be discontinued), on a dainite rubber sole unit. The leather should age beautifully over time.
Quote: Originally Posted by ziggyosk for all the polishing experts out there, it was the Cream that changed the color on Xiaogou's shoe, not the wax most likely, correct? If you use a colored wax on the shoe and a neutral cream, would the color change where it gets rid of the museum finish still happen? I only have C&J's, but thats why I haven't used cream on them, because I've been afraid it will get rid of the antiquing. I have the Weymouth in...
Quote: Originally Posted by marc2434 Looks like a good alternative to Red Wing GT and Aldens http://www.wolverine1000mile.com/ Looks like they've copied a WWI boot design, with a Timberland styled toe. http://www.williamlennon.co.uk/categ...ar-1-boot.html http://www.wolverine1000mile.com/#/Rust/ The "Gentleman" boot looks poor.
Actually quite a daring look! I'd have been tempted to use Balmoral tartan just to piss the Royal Family off and make your boot illegal. The question is - where can one get such a Tartan? http://www.tartansauthority.com/Web/...tartanfaqs.asp
Another factor, thinking about it, might be length and therefore the problem with width, the shoe being a tad smaller than the Westfield. I sold mine some time ago, so I'm unable to do a direct comparision. The Westminster is very similiar to the Cadogan in fact. I don't know when the 341 came in. It's probably been around ages. Did C&J introduce this post 04/05 I wonder?
Thanks for the info. Problem is really to do with the width of the shoe - the Westminister is a bit too narrow for the 10 E tree. It does, however, take a 202 EG tree fairly comfortably. The shoes are a very close fit at the mo, but I suspect they'll gradually break in. Mine were 'as new', hardly worn. I got them, would you believe it, for £2 at a church jumble sale!
I've been using brown wax polish on my brogues for the last two years. A lovely patina has developed. Now it seems that there's a 'tipping point' in the life of any shoe. At some point your shoes are going to look as good as they're ever going to look and polishing isn't going to improve or enhance the colour that much. After all, let's not forget that patina is a sign of wear and age. For this reason I've switched to neutral polish for a bit - it seems to 'lift' the...
I recently picked up a pair of suede semi-brogues in size 10 E which look a tad like the Westfield. Has anyone come across this style? Any ideas as to vintage? Strangely, the shoe trees I have for the Westfield don't fit, yet the last looks similiar. Grenson 9 shoe trees fit snugly though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Salsalocust Hi Guys, A couple of 'Wanderers'... (a UK pun....apologies to everyone else) Which finish do you prefer? Crockett & Jones "Bolton" Chestnut (236 last) [IMG][/IMG] Crockett & Jones "Bolton" Tan Scotch Grain (236 last) [IMG][/IMG] Regards, Graham The "Bolton", chestnut, 236, has it I think. Actually, I've always thought that scotch grain leather looks far better in darker shades of...
I quite like the look of the wholecut. First one looks a bit fussy. Not keen on the toecap. Third one is quite distinctive, but I'm not keen on the chisled toe, or the elaborate swan neck. Look like a fusion between EG and Lobb. I'd consider doing a range of classic 1920/30's style shoes and boots, with the odd Edwardian style thrown in. One or two perhaps - a few wild cards? I might take a punt on a "navvy cut ankle boot":...
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