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Thanks for the info.
Any idea what type of leather this is? Sounds tough. I like the look of the "Grasmere". Simple, traditional style.
What's "Walnut Hurricane Hide"? I take it it's what Tricker's call 'weather tuff' leather? No idea really. I'll avoid "cavalry calf" - I thought it might have some to do with riding boots! Anyway.
Tusting (an excellent English company) do a good bridle leather one: After that it's a big jump - £500 + for Papworth and over £1000 for Swaine E+B.
Which reminds me - the new Doctor Who's outfit! The enduring appeal of the ankle boot. It's a pity, however, that the costume designer knows bugger all about shoes, or indeed of style. I'd have popped him into a pair of "Coniston" ankle boots in black. Still, there we go.
I were Church's I'd make a traditional ankle boot with toe cap in smooth chestnut or 'cavalry' brown calf leather, with three ski-hooks at the top. The only styles that approximate to this are the C&J "Villiers", or at a pinch the EG "Galway" - that's it!!! Pop a toe cap on the "Leonardo" and they'd be on the right track, though I do, however, prefer the side panels on the "Galway". I guess someone will see the light: most makers see 'country boot' as = grained leather....
Just an unashamed copy of the Tricker's "Bourton"/"Keswick". I don't know how they can get away with it to be honest.
Play safe: buy Edward Green or Lobb! It's worth paying a more bit considering the cost of re-soling, and the time you will devote to them - regular wear and use, cleaning and polishing, etc. The chances are that any doubt or quibble will magnify: a bit like a blister forming on a foot.
Just arrived courtesy of The Shoe Healer. I didn't fancy the stock line "Lambourn" in beechnut burnished or the Crockett and Jones "Chelsea", so I did a MTO in 808 chestnut (alas soon to be discontinued), on a dainite rubber sole unit. The leather should age beautifully over time.
I think it was about 6 weeks, which is pretty good. The cost was about that of a new pair of shop bought Lambourn's which is amazing! I was considering a "Grasmere" in zug grain on the 4444 last with a proper (not stitched) toe cap and three ski hooks, but I'm glad I went for this boot. I wasn't prepared to pay £££ for an EG Chelsea - at that price I'm pretty selective.
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