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To follow on from the Bertrand Russell thread, how about these two natty dressers? They appear to be wearing great ankle boots - must be an old style or bespoke.
Sports jacket, shirt, tie, slacks, a vintage briefcase and proper leather shoes would do the trick. After that you can throw off those rags and adopt the 1970s tank top and torn plastic bag look. For the left leaning faux intellectual, denim and Dr Martens boots are preferred. Roll up optional. Participation of mature students waxing lyrical about the rigours of existence may be required. In Britain we are proud to have some of the scruffiest academics in the world!
Pediwear has got some offers on Sanders shoes. The Camberley looks a great shoe. I understand that Sanders make shoes for the British Army and I think this is the officer's 'army issue' shoe. The Midhurst looks great too.
Of the two, Cheslea boot. If you're not worried about quality, a stout work boot. There are loads around in that price range. I wouldn't buy a chukka. You'd could try the Alfred Sargent "Selkirk": Or: Posh calf leather shoes or boots don't mix well with ice and snow, especially if they are worn day in, day out. They'll need time to recover. That's...
Cheers, I guess the tern, net I wins this time!
Hi chaps Do you have any info as to where you can get the Grenson "Albert" (cognac) brogue in London? The Natural Shoe Store used to do them, but they don't list them anymore. I believe that the Grenson shop is closed on Saturdays. Why close a shop on the busiest day of the week???
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 I don't know what they are; the inside just has a style number. Hi chaps, Any idea where I might be able to get this boot?
Perhaps my advice was heeded! I e-mailed Herrings last year (I think) suggesting a Loake made boot of this style and colour. After, all there is really very little to choose from out there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sangfroid By no means original, but: SAB Westminster 3 A real beauty! I'm going to be making one myself from English bridle leather (butt) in a thinner leather (approx 2 - 2.5 mm), so that it's softer and lighter. Detachable straps at the side, not top, two internal pockets, chestnut in colour. Reading up at mo. Trial piece next. A while off, but I'll post pics of the finished bag on SF. It's not too...
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