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[quote=Pengranger;2453160]My first pair of split toe's and my first pair in scotch grain. I always had doubts about the split toe design, until I saw these. Tricker's for Thom Browne - Richmond in black scotch grain. Looks like zug grain. Probably the same thing. How do you rate the finishing? That's my main gripe with Tricker's - of all the quality makers, they seem to have the most dodgy finishing. Some shoes are great, others are really badly done.
I'd run my 'lower-end' shoes over to the high street cobblers, in this case Timpson's, but nowt above Loake. Timpson's do an average at best job; but it can be downright shoddy. I'd send my Barker's back to the factory for re-soling or repair. They state (see website): "If shoes have been repaired by a third party we are, regrettably, unable to offer this service and accept no liability for the quality of the work undertaken. This does not affect your statutory...
What a pointless thread!
Won't get better if you want the traditional English look. The colour (chestnut) is superb. I think boot's very versatile - it's just a matter of taste. I'd go for a Chelsea boot - classic, simple, timeless. Nothing to glint and catch the eye. RM Williams, C&J and Tricker's do nice ones.
They stock C&J, Sargent and Cheaney: Albemarle brogue = C&J Bingham = C&J Kelso / Selkirk = Sargent Pennine = Cheaney
I'll add 'Gleneagles' to the list. Probably early 1990s vintage - I used to own a pair of brown Gleneagles brogues. I always wondered who made them. Possibly Barker or Tricker's?
Quote: Originally Posted by Haemus It is not fair until primary purpose of utensil properly photographed and displayed to the venerable audience of this forum. Keeping up with threads of commando soles, one could equally commit these either to Californian or Mediterranean wild fires coming with regularity every summer and hardly having any other meaningful purpose. Try Dianite for starter. Dainite defies dog turd, commando does not. Alas,...
Useful tip. It's a bit of a chore to dig out the stones from the tread and this tool works wonders. You can pick them up cheaply from loads of places. I bet e-bay has them.
What are people's experiences? Personally, I've found Crockett & Jones to be the most helpful, closely followed by Tricker's then Church's - a very slick and well run outfit on Jermyn Street. Haven't been to Lobb. I've only been to Edward Green once, but found them to be fairly unhelpful. On completing the sale I was asked: "do you want the box?" I mean really!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bird's One View It would depend on the weather, the suit, and the occasion. And all the other factors that can be thrown into the mix... This sole unit is most often found on 'country' shoes or boots, so you'd probably be wearing a heavier looking shoe anyway. Not all that noticable on the darker shades of brown or black and the tread wears down, so in time it looks a bit like dainite. Personally, I'd stick to...
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