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Leave it as it is! Don't tear it off! My friend had exactly the same problem with a pair of C&J Chelsea boots and they repaired them for free. Now look as good as new.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?sec=1&Y...=sr_shoesmen80 what do people think of these? Terrible looking boot! A tad like late Bowie - interesting sounds; bereft of ideas!
My response is in the form of a question: how many Style Forum members would, without a second thought, buy a pair of shoes or boots made in elephant skin? Would you hesitate? And if so, why? Should your hesitation be put down to "ignorance" - you don't understand the issues. I hardly think so. It is also not a good argument to say that just because leather is used from some animals it is, therefore, acceptable to use leather from all animals, providing the leather...
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII I've worked with elephant a lot...one of my all-time favorites... I don't think it is elephant. If it is, it is like nothing I've ever seen or worked with--from side to trunk to ear. If I could see it in person and feel it I could tell you in a split second. But first impression is: not. Lobb sell shoes made from buffalo hide. Without getting into a long debate, I find it quite appalling that anyone would...
Currently on sale on e-bay. Weird looking boot really - very much a curiosity. The sort of thing the intrepid Mallory might have worn up Everest in 1924. Or did he wear hob nailed brogues?!
A few things to factor in: 1. You might slip and slide a bit on leather - winter's coming. 2. You'd probably get 5 years' life out of dainite. Lasts for ages. You'd could re-sole leather with dainite, so in the end it's probably even stevens.
Quote: Originally Posted by ville_e Yay or Nay? Would you recommend these Ralph Lauren Ranger Boots for use in snow and rain? Awful design.
What is the colour - marron antique? The colour has developed very nicely.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pengranger I'm not sure over what time period you've purchased your Tricker's, but you seem to have had good service from them. I don't expect all of my shoes to be perfect - perhaps I should. I treat them as a product made by machine and by hand, and their little faults make them unique. Your boots look like a great worn in pair. Would anyone actually notice the faults? If you did order from Tricker's again, and there...
I own the Grasmere, Bourton and Epsom. Grasmere See - pics. In the flesh, one toecap look really smooth and shiny and the other grainy with a shiny 'bald' patch in the centre. There was also a small problem with the way the counter joined the quarter - a little bit of leather stuck out and the more I walked the more it opened up. They had missed a stitch of two. To Tricker's credit they replaced the boots on the spot and apologised. Folks, always keep...
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