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Terry-Thomas: From his very first day in Smithfield Market (an environment best known in those days for its grubby white blood-stained smocks and cheap grey ash-flecked suits), he turned up for work, straight-backed and six foot tall, sporting an olive-green pork-pie hat, a taupe double-breasted suit decorated with a clove carnation, a multi-coloured tie and yellow washleather gloves, twiddling a long cigarette holder with one hand and twirling the silver-topped malacca...
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Porn on the cheap - Grenson Rose Radley: Leather quality is better than I expected. I'm no expert on construction, but they seem decently made. Look Crockett and Jones quality - I wonder if they use the same leather? From what I've seen, I think Grenson "Rose" collection shoes are better constructed than Crockett and Jones RTW. You can also get veldtshoens from Hoggs and Alfred Sargent.
More versatile style around. Works with anything.
By RTW mean 'benchgrade'. As far as I'm aware, oak bark channelled soles are only available on the handgrade collection. I haven't looked through the catalogue, but I think I'm right.
How do you rate Alfred Sargent's shoes and boots? Any good? Top end quality wise from the UK makers, I'd put Crockett and Jones, Tricker's and Grenson, EG excepted. Barker and Loake below that. AS are a bit 'left field' - no catalogue, dedicated website or shop, so it's difficult to assess. The Westminister/Pall Mall/Connaught/Tavistock in the Premier Exclisive collection have oak bark channelled leather soles, which are absent on the Crockett and Jones RTW lines. ...
I think there's a sense of satisfaction in having a tatty shoe box fulll of rags and tins. It's a counterpoint to the elegance and finish of the shoe. The less conspicuous the better. My grandfather had a lovely old tatty wooden shoe box his grandfather used, but he threw it away last month. He also discarded a Fairburn Sykes knife which had done evil work in WWII.
Heath Robinson
Nah, what you want is this one! Suitable for mud and rain, not paper and pencils.
I've got the ones in Tan burnished. Lovely shoes, but a bit too 'elegant' for me - very slick and refined. I prefer the robust look of Church's, but I don't like their shoes particularly. The C+J 341 last is fine, but much prefer the look of EG 202. My next pair with be the "Cadogan" if I can empty the piggybank. I backed Mon Mome, so I'm half way there! Yes, lucky bastard indeed.
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