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I'm seeking a good quality cobblers in London in order to get a rubber sole fitted to a pair of new double-leather brogues. The sole I'm thinking of has the logo "Indiana". It's really excellent, thin, hardly noticable, and will save at least one re-soling. There's no way I'm going to risk it with Timpson's (they don't have it anyway and it is simply glued on) and my local so-called cobbler is clueless. Swaying slightly, with bloodshoot eye, he opened a drawer and...
Dunlop Comfort Slippers - they look great with a suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Francisco I am looking for a pair of UK 7.5G Grenson "Albert" with the last of 82. Do you think this will fit me well for someone wearing UK7.5 Medium wide? Can someone here enlighten me? 'bout half a size down on your usual size. The "Albert" is G (wide) fit.
I have certain fondness for Barker. My Barker "Hamilton" is a decent shoe and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into it - e.g. black piping, waterproof lining, strong heel. Actually, the heel is great - absolutely no movement in it at all - looks the same as when I bought them (3 yrs). The colour is nice too. Not up there with C&J, but certainly better than Loake by a country mile. I think the problem is really that, apart from making some duff styles, they...
I need not say what the detail on the side looks like!
Bit of a mystery this one (no doubt a closely guarded trade secret). Who uses what and how good is it? I'm thinking of the Northampton makers really. Top: Edward Green and Lobb Edward Green say something along the lines of using the "finest" leather they can find. Perhaps I'd add Grenson "Rose" here. They say they use "The finest calf leathers and suedes". The chap in the Grenson shop told me they use the same leather as Edward Green. We could...
Quote: Originally Posted by I. Gentantithesis What balmoral boot? All bluchers. Loake made dress balmoral boots in the '80s, if not later. The thing-a-me-bob is usually indicative of Veldtschoen (water resistant) construction of English boots. That boot appears too sleek for a Veldtschoen, E.G.? Alfred Sargent "Fordham"; C&J "Conisiton"; Loake "Mcamil" (see ebay - sure that's wrong) Next e-mail: EG "Galway" There's the AS "Kelso" and...
Ankle boots to me mean lace-up ankle boots of the kind posted here, or Chelsea boots. Though a traditional design, I find chukka boots a little bit too 'soft' and casual looking. Lace-up ankle boots always look better with trousers (particularly cordoroys with turn up) and Chelseas with jeans. I'm not sure where the chukka fits in really - I guess the dress down casual look many people adopt at work has clasped it to its bosom. The closest thing to a trainer really.
Now this boot knocks the other ones into a cocked hat! I like the thing-a-me-bob detail on the side: it gives shape and proportion to the boot.
Blimey, where's the creativity gone! I haven't seen that Loake style before - new one on me.
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