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Quote: Originally Posted by gilwood I just noticed this nice wellensteyn jacket. Does anyone own one of these jackets? Are they high quality? most importantly, are they actually warm? Yes, yes, and yes. They are amazing jackets, I have the Siberia (actually, I just listed it on the marketplace as I'm living in a warmer climate now). Hands down, it's been the warmest jacket I've ever owned. For a spring/summer jacket, both of the ones...
FS: Like new Wellensteyn Siberia jacket, size medium. This highly sought after German made jacket is the warmest I've ever owned and particularly suitable for very low temperatures. It is windproof, waterproof and made up of a breathable material. It has a straight cut with a drawstring casing to adjust the size and a large, adjustable, detachable hood. The jacket has 13 pockets total, enough space for nearly everything. The jacket is like new and retails for $499 if you...
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint there's a buttload of peacoats on sale at my local shop. not sure which version it is but i think it was 199 marked down from something, but don't quote me on the price. Yeah, after some calling around I ended up getting it sorted... Thanks.
Bummer. Just got the dreaded call... "We're sorry to inform you that your order for the authentic peacoat can not be fulfilled. Have a nice day."
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong I have to say, J.Crew customer service is pretty excellent. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Guus Probably small if you want a slim fit. If not, then medium is fine. Yeah, I ended up going with the small. Fingers crossed.
Hey guys, need some help regarding authentic peacoat sizing. I wear a small in J. Crew shirts and a medium in the utility jacket. What size should I go with?
Quote: Originally Posted by redwinglover up ?! are u shure. the 875 are much wider at the front then the gts, but they have the same length. so you have decide. Yep, I'm sure. I tried the 7.5's in the 875 and I could feel the front of the boot slightly with the tip of my toe (especially when the boots bend while walking). As this would drive me nuts, I opted to go with the 8. YMMV.
Quote: Originally Posted by viccollz do you ship to sydney, australia? and how much... thanks! PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chief Touching You Link?
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