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Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Got this belt a year and a half ago, its amazing how much the color has changed. Pics?
Not to beat a dead horse here, but I also have to echo what many others have said. In my experience, J. Crew customer service is excellent and always does what they can to right a mixup. I would really encourage you to call customer service (and definitely ask to speak with a manager). I'm certain that they'll do whatever they can to make you happy.
I purchased the 257 initially and ended up replacing it with the 256. Unless you're hauling a metric ton of stuff, the 256 is perfect IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by the_state they look dope but i could never conceivably drop $350 on khakis There's no comparison between these and khakis. Period. This fabric is so unique, so comfortable, and so durable that it really has to be seen in person (and worn) to appreciate. Sure, they're a pricier option than most other pants but you get what you pay for in spades. Buy once, cry once.
I can fit my 15" MBP and a 15" Lenovo (each in a padded sleeve) plus power cables and a wireless mouse in my 256. It's tight, but everything fits just fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by scb so are they shiny or no? some pics looks shiny, some don't.... They definitely have a slight sheen. According to Kiya, this goes away...
Quote: Originally Posted by Klemins They look great, Fiddy. Did you go TTS or down 1? Thanks. My waist fluctuates between 31.5" and 32" -- I went with a size 30 in these (which has 31" waist and will stretch an inch).
FedEx finally arrived... In a word, these pants are incredible. The fit is great and the fabric is unreal.
Just got an email alert that my pre-ordered celtic green hillside madras button-down was shipped...
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