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Quote: Originally Posted by mr. burns wish there were more pics of the cougar. Cougars...
Quote: Originally Posted by FatMod New Bureau Trickers... Those are beautiful...
Bump for some great boots.
Measurements post-soak: Waist: 31" Inseam: 36" Thigh: 11.75" Knee: 8.75" Leg opening: 7.75" Front rise: 10" Back rise: 14.5"
Looking to buy some SE credit. Drop me a line if you have some that you want to get rid of...
Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 How can I go about purchasing one of these? http://www.leathergoodsconnection.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Snap out of it, man. Peacoats will come and go. They're just like streetcars. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself, man.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Ha ha. It just seems funny to me that people get bummed out about stuff like this. There will be other peacoats! What's wrong with YOU? Seriously? What is so strange about being bummed because I missed out on a deeply discounted sale item that I wanted? A stupid comment like this coming from you of all people... well, it's highly comical.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhoo04 Someone should grab these from Brigade....$115?! You can't go wrong. http://www.clothingbrigade.com/produ...g-classic-boot Great prices on the GT and black IR too. Too bad they're sold out, I would have definitely picked up a pair of the black IR's...
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant GQ showed a pair in what looked like the same leather as the Katahdins. Yeah, I believe those are going to be a Zappos exclusive available in March.
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