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Quote: Originally Posted by underwearer ...Just be patient and don't wash them, after sometime (ie months!)the starch will loosen up and they'll fall better. I don't plan on washing these for a long, long (long) time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Notreknip I would argue the fit of the APCs is great. But since you said "etc", I have to comment that everything else in the photo hurts my eyes. (I personally wouldn't hem those - at least, yet.) Thanks for your feedback... By the way -- I took those this morning after I rolled out of bed, it's not an outfit that I would wear out of the house so no worries. Just trying to wear these around the house to...
Bought my first pair of A.P.C. denim yesterday. I decided to go with New Standards in 28 and could barely get the top 2 buttons closed. However, after wearing them today for a few hours I'm glad I sized down as I can already feel them starting to stretch. Here are a few quick and dirty shots, would love to hear some opinions on fit, etc. Also, do you think there is too much stackage going on? I'm normally a 30 length and these have not been hemmed. Thanks in advance. ...
Have a pair of brown PS Corso boots on the way (still need to find them in black though!), but was fortunate enough to snag a pair of PS Nash shoes on sale last night @ Neiman Marcus. Here are a few quick and dirties. This is my first pair of PS shoes and I'm loving them.
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform here and here: They're both available in 7. Thanks, I already ordered them in brown. Desperately trying to track them down in black.
Really need everyone's help on this one... I'm infatuated with these boots and can't seem to find them anywhere in a size 7 (I wear an 8 in Clarks DB and a 9 in Chucks). Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm OCD'ing hard on these.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Mink oil is excellent for beeswax, though it will darken the leather (I personally think this looks good). Or you could use a silicon spray which shouldn't darken the leather as much. Many thanks, will pick some up today!
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Yes. Recommendations? Mink oil?
Just picked up a pair of beeswax DB's and have been wearing them around the house for a few days. Should I treat them with something?
Quote: Originally Posted by raginberriodoom Yeah, you should get a size lower because APCs stretch VERY much. And for the blue staining, APCs don't bleed too much, so I never had a problem with any indigo stains on my shirts or sweaters. There will be some on your shoes though. Much appreciated! Has anyone seen any sales lately on NS's?
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