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Bump for some nice boots.
How is the length of the M+O shirts when compared w/ J. Crew's offerings?
Quote: Originally Posted by underwearer the length is 30.5 Is this including the collar? This seems really long, I need like 27" to wear untucked. The GAP chambray in XS fits me. Yep, top of collar to bottom of shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by .Impulsv Shoulders to shoulder? 17"
Quote: Originally Posted by mystillwater how long are the sleeves? Sleeve length - 25.5"
Quote: Originally Posted by underwearer Thinking abut gettig the chambray, how do these fit? Im looking at a small..measurements would be neato I actually have a gray one left for sale and just took measurements yesterday. 30.5" in length and 19" pit to pit...
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Those look terrific. Did you treat them w/something before snapping the photo, or is that how they came? Thanks. Those are straight out of the box...
Indigo chambray sold, gray still available.
Alden Aviators from Orvis...
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