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Quote: Originally Posted by splattered Received the Amber today and they are beautiful! They are a slightly darker brown than i thought they would be but i still love em... i dig the color variations around the boot too. THESE are what i was hoping the Wolverine Montgomery was going to be like concerning leather quality and color. And they even ended up being cheaper. They scuff super easy though... i thought i saw something on the side of the boot and...
I've had several questions regarding the patch on these. It is indeed leather, not the linen version that Ande is now using.
Cuff 'em and wear 'em.
The red chambray is online...
I have an indigo Gap chambray, I think I paid $24 for it on sale... it's decent. The infantry shirts are also super nice and fit well.
2 pairs sold, 1 pair left.
+1 1/2 size down from Clark's DB and Chucks is ideal.
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant Can you measure the presoak waist? Sure, pre-soak waist is appx. 32".
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