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Chipped windshield -
I'm gonna have to reiterate a previous statement - goddamn you guys for turning me on to Paul Smith, and better shoes in general. From last year, I took my everyday shoes from: (in before "LOL Ecco", "LOL square toe", and "LOL no shoe trees") to this: (DBs in Taupe, Paul Smith York, and AE Park Aves). Definitely better, but I've got some gaps. Biggest one now is a pair of black boots - thinking some sort of a chukka to keep things versatile, but still...
Yeah, I know, the place smells like an Axe Body Spray factory and plays crappy music, but the Sawtooth jacket is pretty nice. Looking for one in olive, size medium. Not wanting to pay the $160 they're trying to retail it for. I'd be interested in similar jackets, if there are any out there. Pic below:
Usually I'm not too big into the thrifting game, but I found myself outside of my normal area and decided to take a look in the store. Ended up with a pare of lightly used black C&J Weymouths - 10E. Perfect size. Now comes the big decision - B&S forum, or keep them and rotate with my AE PAs. Couple months back, I also picked up a pair of RRL jeans with a green tag. Having issues getting any details on them - will have to post pics later.
Sennheiser CX300-Bs - Pretty good price/quality ratio for in-ear. Portable music device - Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen NX. Yeah, it's a huge thing (basically monopolizes a pocket), but it holds 30 gigs, I got it used for $100 5 years ago, and a single battery charge on it with the above headphones lasts me at 8-10 hours. I had to replace the battery once about a year ago, but it's designed to allow you to do that easily. I actually want this thing to die on me,...
She Wants Revenge - Sister MC5 - Skunk Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills Twisted Sister - Burn in Hell They Might be Giants - Hotel Detective The Chemical Brothers - The Boxer Yello - Oh Yeah Bauhaus - Silent Hedges The Haunted - Bury Your Dead Between the Buried and Me - Informal Gluttony
"Getting screwed on Ebay question..." Stick with Casual Encounters on CL - much cheaper than eBay.
SA goons
Queens of the Stone Age - Run, Pig, Run Radiohead - Just (You do it to Yourself) The Crystal Method - Garbage/Paranoid (The Crystal Method Remix) Mastodon - Joseph Merrick 311 - Strong All Along The Faint - Get Seduced Placebo - Broken Promise Nine Inch Nails - The Only Time Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth Jurassic 5 - Quality Control
Cheap and good in-ear mp3 player headphones - Sennheiser CX300-B. I went through a few pairs of the Sony MDR-EX71s. They kept falling apart on me - one headphone would die, or the plastic around them would fall off. I finally wised up and got a better product.
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