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This is killing me. Somebody please buy this.
Me: 30 years old, with a late-earned liberal arts degree behind me, and having a fairly late start in the grown-up work world. I've spent the past 5 years working as a sysadmin and solution engineer, and don't see any prospect of advancement at my current job. My IT related skillset is fairly weak compared to the market, and as a result, I've noticed that generally only crappy or small-time firms will consider my resume - though I generally get offers once we do meet. I'm...
This is awesome. I would snatch this in a minute, but it's a bit too small. Whoever buys this won't be disappointed.
Would this fit more like a short or a regular, do you suppose?
Any description of how they fit would be great. Nice pants.
You just got paid.
Sound off for guys getting married next week! Me too!And OP! You and I have a similar color scheme, even. We're doing slate blue and aubergine. We've had a heck of a time finding things in that color scheme this year. Best of luck to you.My woman is also wearing an off-white. Your off-white by way of stripes is a great one, by the way. I don't have a shirt yet, so I may steal this."Why can't you wear a $1000 suit and have them wear this $250 suit? It's not as if all the...
Your clothes are good and you're trim and clean-looking, and your clothes are complimentary to an impression of you as a person who knows how to look good and aware of aesthetic details. Hopefully, you're a kind and decent person and she's a great fun, and your date will be worth the effort. Good luck!
All, I'm thinking of having a suit made by from one of these outfits - have any of you experience with them? (hope this isn't spamming. I posted this question in my last thread, but I wanted to throw it out as wide as I could get. Apologies if I'm out of step.)
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