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Barrel cuffs are fine to wear with a suit. I wouldn't get french cuffs in your situation if you're wanting to wear it with sweaters, odd jackets etc.
That's quite an impressive patch pocket. Another step towards the death of the tie. It will not be long before kids don't even know how tie one.
Quote: Originally Posted by mishon Not only do the clothes fit well but they also look good. They don't fit well. I'm having a bout of asphyxia just looking at those photographs.
Travolta's got collar gape.
Manton for general style and Foof for his uniform philosophy.
Quote: Originally Posted by fdbaker I do not understand. Are those pictures of Seal? If so, are you saying he is trash? And that Heidi Klum is trash for having married him? Please tell me why I'm completely off-base here, and why there is a semi-intelligent, non-racist basis for this thread. They renewed their wedding vows and "white trash" was the theme that they chose for the wedding.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Does anyone remember which SR tailor the Kenos use? Woods & Brown used to make their shirts. - B Why? Are you planning on avoiding them? He has a magic wand in the third picture.
Once for shirts, underwear and socks. Two to three wears for cotton trousers.
The results of this poll disappoint me. Goomba having as many votes as pocket-foo is further proof of declining dress standards.
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