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http://www.uniqlo.co.uk/catalogue/me...t-front-chinos Does anyone have a pair of these chinos? I'm wondering what the fit's like, especially the waist and how true it is to the given size.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Voxsartoria's Weekly WAYWRN Subjective and Totally Unfair Digest for the week ending 06/05/2009. - B Is this one of those cheap Land's End bags? If it is, I might have to get one myself.
Gonzalez is crazy, why the hell was he wiping his arse on the line.
I don't understand all the praise for Gerrard; Rooney plays his best role far better than he does.
Quote: Originally Posted by greekonomist False You don't rate Scholes? He might be getting on which limits him to an impact player, but the past few England managers obviously think he has enough left in him for them to try and tempt him from retirement.
Quote: Originally Posted by daft While there are some fantastic players no english midfielders are capable of dictating the tempo of the game. . Paul Scholes.
Daniel Craig always looks like he's wearing cheap ties. Ugly ones too.
Murray will win it.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Only if by "Forum's favourite shoes" you meant "Foof's favourite shoes" I thought foof was forum favourite?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Unless you're about 2 inches away they don't look any different to non-functional buttons... I'd have to disagree, in real life I can often tell working buttonholes from some distance.
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