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I didn't realise Pienaar was South African. That lad gets away with an incredible amount of diving.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lachy I'd like to see Murray do well. An Englishman winning Wimbledon, wouldn't that be something! Don't let Murray hear you say that; he's Scottish.
Quote: Originally Posted by lermontov And I'd change the shoes After he's changed them to the one shoe? You'd change them back to the monk straps?
He could foof the collar buttons out of the picture. I quite like most of his fits, although he does have a few jackets where the sleeves appear to eat his hands.
Argyles are all you need. Green ones, brown ones, green and brown ones.
Get rid of most of them. I don't see the point in having more than ten or so ties.
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo If only Nani could step up - I'm not sure he's capable of it, doesn't seem to have the right attitude. I keep hearing this claim parroted about in regards to Nani. Not once have I seen any evidence of it.
United will almost definitely buy Valencia. If they don't feel the Tevez deal is going to go through, I wouldn't be surprised if they try to get Eto'o on the cheap. Despite Sir Alex's admiration for Benzema, he will not buy him.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Good guess, but no. It's Tajikistan. Here's another one: Mauritius. How about this one:
It could be worse, you could have Alan Green, non-Liverpool supporting British citizens will know who I mean, he leaves me green.
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