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Quote: Originally Posted by barims ^^ That was one of the implications of my comments, actually. I think Kent would go over great. I'm not interested in playing up to anyone's Chris Eubank - or any other Chap-relevant - fantasies Southerners always seem to be banging on or at least alluding to race, is it really that bad down there? Everyone seems to get along fine up North.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Interesting that they weren't any racial minorities there. I wonder if barims or I would have been accepted. . There's a few racial minorities in the video. They weren't taking parts in the events, however (at least in the small video clip). It's interesting that you queried the possibility of not being accepted.
Quote: Originally Posted by PipPip Part of it is regulatory - in the UK you need to complete a test to ride anything, a day of compulsory training for even the smallest bike. Are you sure that's right? I've always been led to believe you could ride up to a 50cc bike without any training.
Quote: Originally Posted by barims I can say that, going by the video, she would have easily been the best looking girl there I doubt you'd have got along with them anyway.
I recently subscribed to The Chap magazine, and while I've only received one issue I thought it was excellent.
It's somewhat of vast generalisation but I've noticed the French rarely snack and are big on eating in public.
Quote: Originally Posted by acconrad I knew that kid would win, he's really got it down. The brown jacket and the suit seem pleasant enough but the rest of it is pretty average. Furthermore, his shoe collection is incredibly ugly.
Not keen on the fabric, but the fit is already a country mile ahead of some of your other jackets.
Quote: Originally Posted by streetminimal And besides, even if we (Australia) did win once again, the ashes will still remain in England as it always did. Since when has the urn been the trophy?
215 all out. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
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