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Quote: Originally Posted by Zenny Cordovan Alden Longwings in #8 on the Plaza Last. This is the only one shoe design that you need.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 I think 8 got the nod because of what he's wearing on his wrist
The 8th should have been Incontro's bow-tie look.
I quite like the noncy looking shirt on the left.
Uniqlo is alright as long as you don't have any question about any of their items. I've emailed them numerous times and not received one response.
Around ten pairs. All wool; seven pairs are argyle with the other three being plain navy which is all a man really needs.
Not shortening the sleeves?
I don't care about the money I just think his choice of clothes is a bit shit and not worthy of the praise.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley You must be a 60 year old republican from the mid-west. I think Dan has style and the confidence to pull off his color combos and textures. Mid 20s from the north of England, mate. Colour combinations and textures maybe, but his choice of clothes is awful. He looks like Vox on a Casual Friday fgs.
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