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The little sprog with the pocket square looks pretty arrogant too.
Does anyone own one of these jackets (odd jackets not coats)? How´s the fit? The size guide isn´t much help. What´s the jacket length like? I´m going to be in between a medium and a large.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger this guy has leagues more style than mafoofan ever will. that or a professional photographer. But lacking enough style to make the mistake of wearing derby shoes with a double breasted suit.
Cordings for corduroy trousers. They're excellent.
Quote: Originally Posted by Timeless Fashion I agree with vox in saying that stating the country of origin is often enough for most inquiries. I don't think this would work if your jacket was from the Row, and you were in England at the time of being asked.
The non-iron fabric on the Land's End chinos them a bit too shiny for me.
The new CT catalogue is out and the price of chinos has risen to £80 per pair. £100 for the stone colour. The rise from 2 pairs for £50 to 2 for £60 left me questioning whether to shop there, never mind £80 for one pair. Is there any other UK sites that sell unfinished chinos of similar quality for around £30-40 a pair? Cheers lads
When Kent Wang says "we", does he mean "I"? Surely his little operation can't be more than one person.
Is there a pocket on that sleeve? How much did you pay for the jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG but I definitely feel like I'm treated better I've found this to be true as well. Quite considerably different to going out in say a hoody (hoodie?) and cargo trousers.
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