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Quote: Originally Posted by Timeless Fashion I agree with vox in saying that stating the country of origin is often enough for most inquiries. I don't think this would work if your jacket was from the Row, and you were in England at the time of being asked.
The non-iron fabric on the Land's End chinos them a bit too shiny for me.
The new CT catalogue is out and the price of chinos has risen to £80 per pair. £100 for the stone colour. The rise from 2 pairs for £50 to 2 for £60 left me questioning whether to shop there, never mind £80 for one pair. Is there any other UK sites that sell unfinished chinos of similar quality for around £30-40 a pair? Cheers lads
When Kent Wang says "we", does he mean "I"? Surely his little operation can't be more than one person.
Is there a pocket on that sleeve? How much did you pay for the jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG but I definitely feel like I'm treated better I've found this to be true as well. Quite considerably different to going out in say a hoody (hoodie?) and cargo trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by triniboy27 [IMG][/IMG] The watch ruins it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bird's One View Until I tread in, dog shit, soiling my Allen, Edmonds. If a pair of Allen Edmonds are your favourite shoes, then you've got bigger problems than stepping in dog shit.
It would certainly give an insight to why Vox and iammatt are two of the best dressed posters on the WAYT thread. Furthermore, why there's always women swooning around PG.
Luca Rubinacci. Something doesn't seem right about this outfit for me, although I do like it. I think he'd need more hair to pull it off.
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