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"Some" phone hacking? It was/is being done on an industrial scale, with the severity of any claims being further compounded my a multitude of other offences (e.g., bribing police officers for information).
The Murdochs have just been denied the right to make an opening statement. James Murdoch's face was a picture. http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/blog/2011/jul/19/phone-hacking-rupert-murdoch-rebekah-brooks-mps
NOTW whistleblower found dead. Not being treated as suspicious (excluding the suspicious timing). http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/jul/18/news-of-the-world-sean-hoare
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del ^^ Could you tell us what is your US shoe size, UK shoe size, the size you ordered, and the size you recommend ordering. I ordered a UK 10.5. The issue isnt so much the length, but how narrow they are at the toes. As I've said, they've stretched and aren't that bad now, but if I was to buy another pair I'd go up half a size. It depends on your foot, but I think that if I went up a full size I'd be...
Yes I did order some, and yes, they were too small. I didn't bother to return them, however, but they have stretched and are now quite comfortable. If anyone is planning to purchase a pair I would recommend to size up by at least half a size, possibly even a full one.
How do you pronounce Rubinacci? Roo-bin-atchy? Roo-bin-ak-ki? Something else?
It would look much better with sleeve cuffs.
I've just found a small local menswear shop (the tweedy sort) that does bespoke. It's run by an old bloke, who seems respectable enough. He says a bespoke jacket will be around £600-700 depending on the fabric. It seems a bit too cheap, but I'm considering it. What questions should I ask before taking the plunge? Fully canvassed? High armholes? Working cuffs? Basted fitting? Gorge height? Are bespoke tailors prepared to deviate from what they normally do? Anything...
How's the fit? If you have any cord trousers by cordings, how do they compare?
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