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i don't know, i think their are plenty of "casual" ties that feel at home in more functional-ish street outfits, including that one. Looks okay to me.
I afraid i didn't care for any of the song in last page or two.. sorry
Super trendy. Very fashionable, not very stylish.
oh god, another one of those cry baby, over sensitive types. Grow a pair. It was maybe a little too harsh, but they'e just words there champ, and i would hope the fella's man enough not to take it too personally or serious.
ew, that bun makes me wan't to puke, get rid of it, and at least wait until it's not such a super trend anymore. That way, you'll only look stupid, not stupid and a tool too.
Shit, my above post was meant for you krunk. My bad.
Well, holy shit. I haven't been on here in a long time (you were beardless, at not knocking on the "freak-zone" door. and i mean "freak" in a good way) and i gotta ask, even though you probably don't want to answer honestly, since you post your face on here....but, are you cycling, or cruising bra? And i have read zero of this thread, so my bad if anyone's brought it up already.
And add collar stay pockets
Is it possible to have tailor alter an oxford collar to a straight collar or any other kind of collar that's not a button down.
Filson did a colab with wolverine. http://hypebeast.com/2012/8/filson-wolverine-2012-fall-collection
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