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man the more i look at that floral one the more i like it, if only i was a malnourished little dude that could fit in a medium.
Probably should of used the "qeustions that dont deserve their own thread" or whatever thread, but these look long:
Have it sent to you apartment office, or get a PO Box
Awww. he has a dog? poor, poor animal.
Post some better/more pics hair-do!
I don't care for those dress shirts with the mismatched whit collars either.
Double breasted anything-Agree.Camouflage anything-eh, I like it, but not something i really want to wear myself.Short sleeve buttoned shirts that your science teacher wears-Agree StronglyPuffy down jackets-Disagree, Love my Crescent DownHoodies-ehTimberland work boots-eh,LikeAir Jordan 4's, I've never owned a pair, but those Hender Schemes tho...-DisagreeAir Force 1's-DisagreeChelsea boots-AgreeSide zip boots Denim style jackets-Agree.Liberty printed shirts-I don't know...
I'm curious what specific garments, that are generally accepted as: "timeless", "classic", "stylish" pieces, that you guys don"t understand the appeal of, or just plain hate? On the underhand, what garment designs do you love? Your favorite? I for instance, don't like button down collars, tassel loafers, and pants with pleats, I hate polo shirts, love wing tips, plain toe oxfords and my favorite are Type 3 truckers (it pisses me off when they modify the design by making... had my on this for awhile, can't say anything about the brand or quality etc though
i don't know, i think their are plenty of "casual" ties that feel at home in more functional-ish street outfits, including that one. Looks okay to me.
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