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And add collar stay pockets
Is it possible to have tailor alter an oxford collar to a straight collar or any other kind of collar that's not a button down.
Filson did a colab with wolverine. http://hypebeast.com/2012/8/filson-wolverine-2012-fall-collection
If a product has a shelf life it'll have small symbol somewhere on the container or packaging. The symbol looks like a jar with the lid off and numbers followed buy the letter "M." 24M for example. Just check this out: http://www.dermaviduals.com/english/...-unstable.html
I like the ones over at historypreservation.com
tits are always tasteful edit: especially big ones
I way 70 more pounds then you (and 5'11) and on average I'm a L rarly M. I can't imagine you gonig over a S.
Quote: Originally Posted by voyaging My size runs somewhere between a US S or M. i don't believe you.
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